What Is the Fastest Electric Scooter on The Market?

You want great mobility but don’t want to use a car.

You want a small and easy maneuverable vehicle, but don’t want a motorbike.

You don’t want to go everywhere walking but don’t want to waste fuel by using a car either.

The answer to all your troubles is an electric scooter. Small, agile, mobile and environment friendly, these vehicles are gaining more prominence in 2020. If you want to know more about electric scooters, check on this link.

Today, we will find out which is the fastest electric scooter on the market. You could even check out the greenest electric scooter at GES. We compared two of the top selling scooter models to give you the real review on these awesome vehicles. Let’s get started.

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

This commendable product by Minimotors gives you great performance as well as sleek looks. With a maximum speed of 50 miles/hour, this scooter will get you anywhere you want and that too fast. It comes with a powerful 5,400-watt motor and a 75-mile range which is enough to go for medium to long distance travels.

It comes with a removable wheel mounting system which makes it easy to service and repair. It also has LED lights on both ends and comes with illuminated handlebars too which is great for twilight or night travels. The brakes are also designed with ABS standards, making it a safe product to use. The only problem with this product is that it takes fairly long to charge.

NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter

In terms of speed and safety, the scooter can be compared with the top models in the market. It comes with a highly portable design which makes folding and folding very easy. The top speed of the scooter is 40 miles/hour and its powerful lithium-ion battery can take for as far as 50 miles. The scooter charges in just 10 hours, which makes overnight charging and all-day usage a breeze.

The brakes of the scooter are commendable as well. The disc brakes come with a quality shock absorption system which can save you against sudden impacts. It also comes with LED lights at the front end which is good for moving out during evenings and nights. Both front and back wheels come with motors and there is a sturdy hand brake to add to the mix. The parts of this scooter can be difficult to find and are very expensive as well.

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter appears to be a better contender in this space as compared to the NanRobot D5+ Electric Scooter with a longer range and higher speed. If you don’t find longer charging times too problematic, then the former is an excellent option.

There are other scooters in the market which could provide you shorter charging times, longer distance travels and higher speeds. We advise you to check your options carefully and then select the right product. Remember, electric scooters demand better safety standards than an average motorbike or bicycle. Shop around and make sure that you are buying the right product to suit your needs.