Not many people get to spend their days doing what they love and I got to be one of the luckiest fellows alive! From the moment I put on my oil-stained overalls in the morning and get a whiff of gas, oil and tarmac, until the evening when I hit the shower to spare my wife, I get to be surrounded by fast cars, powerful engines, top drivers and the beautiful noise of well-running motorcars. Things just keep on getting better, particularly ever since I joined our local Nascar Team, and, no doubt, I will be fixing cars until the day I die!

This is all down to my father, it was him that brought me to all those car shows when I was small and I reckon I was spell-bound the minute I set my eyes on one of those stunning motors. I remember pulling at my father’s trousers, I must have been just four of five years old, and asking him if I could sit behind the wheel of a brand your car and he surely obliged. He loved cars just as much and was thrilled to discover that after that day, all I was ever really interested in was cars. I owe him a lot, he was a hobby mechanic himself and took all the time in the world to explain the mechanics of a motor car engine to me, and he even allowed me to do small repair jobs before I was tall enough to reach the engine. I would have to stand on a stool and lean over, my arms were just about long enough to reach the battery. By the age of ten I knew how to fix most engines and whenever I came across a problem I couldn’t fix, my dad would demonstrate the particular repair job and make sure that I would be able to solve the problem the next time around.

There was never any question of me pursuing a career in any other industry and throughout high school, I either helped my dad with car repairs or spent my spare time at various local garages. The mechanics there used to just smile when they’d see me coming, allow me to just sit there and watch them work and on one or two occasions, they would even ask for my advice. I was so proud that day and I knew that I would make a great driver and mechanic, better than the rest, simply because of my love and enthusiasm.

The day I bought my first car was undoubtedly one of the happiest days of my life and my car was my most prized possession. I would spend hours and hours polishing it, modifying it, optimizing its performance and driving around my hometown. Soon after, I officially trained as a mechanic and worked at a few different garages.

My passion for cars had also led me to the racing track, I knew every car and every driver, watched every race and couldn’t quite believe it when I officially joined our local Nascar Team.

I now divide my time between working with Nascar, dealing cars from home and spending time with my wife Sarah and two daughters, Ashlee and Rebecca. Ashlee is ten now and she must have inherited my passion for cars and just as I helped my father when I was her age, she too, helps me when I’m dealing cars at home.

With this website, I hope to reach other car enthusiasts, provide information and keep them up-to-date with all the news from the racing circuit and the motor industry. Any events or stories relating to motorbikes and cars will be published here and hopefully this website will also be a meeting place for all those passionate about cars and bikes all over the world.