If you are seeking to put your business on the automobile community map, looking to increase your visibility and popularity and get yourself countless new customers, do consider taking out some ad space on my website. After all, 17’000 unique car enthusiasts visit my website each month and many of them could be looking for just the product or service you have to offer. Whether you are a small-time car dealer, local mechanic, prolific car manufacturer, car part salesman or car finance specialist, advertising on my site will get you access to thousands of potential clients.

I have had a wide array of companies and individual advertise on my site, all of whom have enjoyed tangible financial benefits from doing so. They profited considerably more than they invested and gained many valuable new customers. All of them were somewhat surprised as to just how effective and targeted advertising on my site was and many of them have taken out advertising space on my website time and time again.

For me personally and for the quality of my site, ads form an integral part, because they broaden the spectrum of information provided as well as the reach of the automobile network I am part of. Many advertisers have gone on to connect with other advertisers and, of course, new customers.

What Types of Businesses Have Benefited Most

I have been quite selective in the types of businesses I have made advertising space available for, simply because I don’t like people wasting their time and money. This has resulted in the success of all advertising campaigns so far and here is a list of the type of companies that have benefited from advertising on my website:

  • Garages and Mechanics
  • Car Part Dealerships
  • Fuel Merchants
  • Gas Stations
  • Car Manufacturers
  • Car Dealerships
  • Car Finance Companies
  • Car Insurance Companies
  • Car Racing Sponsors
  • Tyre Manufacturers
  • Car Cleaning Companies
  • Car Accessories Merchants

These represent just a core group of companies, I have also had companies providing products and services for motorbike enthusiasts and other related businesses take out ad space on my site.

What Sets Advertising on My Site Apart

You may feel that it makes little difference as to whether you advertise in newspapers, magazines, on the radio, TV or online, I, however, beg to differ. And this is why:

  • Monthly Exposure to 17’000 Ready-Made Customers: Each and everyone of my readers visits my site to find out about cars, motorbikes and all the surrounding issues. You will not be wasting your ad on lukewarm or disinterested readers! Instead your products and services will be presented to 17’000 people who love cars and motorbikes and are likely to need to avail of related products or services.
  • The Trust Factor: My readers trust my judgment and they are confident that I would not allow substandard companies to advertise on my website. This trust base will work in your favor as it will automatically extend to your services or products.
  • Little or No Work for You: We take care of everything and you can contribute as little or as much to the entire process. Some advertisers play an active role in the planning, design and placement of their ads, while others just trust in our expertise and allow us to do all the work.
  • Excellent Rates and Lots of Options: Before selling the first bit of advertising space, I carefully studied advertising rates across all media sectors and online to make sure that my prices were pitched at the right level. I soon realized that it was necessary to offer different packages so that businesses could select the best possible option for them. This approach has worked very well and has given my advertisers the freedom to decide just how much they wanted to invest.

From Idea to Ad

The process is simple, just send all your details and ideas using the form below and we will send you all the relevant documentation outlining all your options. In most cases, we arrange a meeting and discuss the best way forward. After that it is up to you how closely you would like to be involved, but you can rest assured that we will do our utmost to make your advertising campaign on our website a roaring success!

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