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Vaping in Vehicles

One of the most popular places to vape these days is in a car. This is mainly because people are always in their car, running errands or rushing to work. Whether you’re a long-time vapor or a beginner, its always safer to have a ...Read More

BMW car finance

Are you attracted to that “M” designation on certain BMW models? If so, that would be understandable.  The BMW 4-Series M convertible, to take just one example, goes from 0-62 mph in around 4.6 seconds.  It’s stylish and fast! ...Read More

Buying Used Cars: A Checklist

More and more people are buying used cars while the number of customers purchasing new ones is decreasing. This has been the most recently observed trend in the industry, and it is believed to have been caused by the swelling prices of automobiles. ...Read More