Blogging keeps on growing in popularity and my cars blog is also at the very heart of my website. I consider it to be much like an educational diary and posts are written to entertain, inform, enlighten and make readers come back for more. Effective blogging is an art in itself and I have been fortunate in the way my cars blog has been received. Not only do I receive countless interesting comments and get drawn into all sorts of interesting discussions with readers, but my blog posts are often shared wide and far, so much so that I have been asked to submit guest posts to many other rather prolific sites. My experience as a guest blogger soon led me to seek guest submission for my own website, because I knew of the all-round benefit guest blogs produce. Guest bloggers enjoy access to new readers, the hosting website benefits through fresh new content and the readers can enjoy an array of voices on a plethora of subjects.

Initially, I asked friends and colleagues from car and car racing circles to contribute to my blog, I then went on to seek submission from car industry experts until I finally decided to just put a call out to all of my website visitors in the hope that many of them would contribute to my blog too. The reaction has been amazing and I have been in a position to publish some really interesting guest posts.

Calling All Guest Bloggers

Submitting a guest post to my site is easy and you should start off  by outlining your concept for a guest publication on the contact form below. I will quickly see if your idea fits in with the structure and content of my blog and reply to you with comments and advice. For the most part, guest posts are accepted and between the writer and myself we find a way to perfect the content and quality of the post, a task easily achieved. Posts are published quickly and I always ensure that the spotlight is on the blogger and that there are plenty of clickable links to her/his website or blog. Make sure to send me a short bio for inclusion, so that the reader can find out a little about you, your work and your writing and possibly other places your work is published.

Blogging Topics and Titles

As a car, motorbike and motor racing enthusiast and keeping in mind that my website is all about cars, there are many topics you can write about. Take a look at the following list, I am sure you find a topic suitable for you:

  • Auto/Bike Repair and Maintenance
  • Automobile News
  • Automobile Shows and Events
  • Car Makers
  • Diesel Cars
  • Electric Cars
  • Sport Cars
  • Motorcycle News
  • Café Racers
  • Choppers
  • Motorcycle Gear
  • Sportbikes
  • Racing
  • Formula One

Each general heading presents a wide array of possible titles and if you are not quite sure what kind of titles I have in mind, take a look at the following three sample titles:

  • Will Electric Cars Ultimately Phase Out Conventional Cars?
  • Can Auto Drives Make a Real Impact?
  • How to Service Your Car and Save Some Money

I have had submissions from very experienced as well as novice bloggers and both have greatly enhanced the quality of my blog and website. Whether you are a car salesman, racing car driver, biker, Formula One fan or an automobile writer is irrelevant as long as you submit a post that readers will enjoy.

Previous guest bloggers have enjoyed the exposure to many thousand new readers and have seen their profile greatly enhanced. Many have reported a considerable increase in subscriptions to their own blog and novices have relished the process of being published and finally seeing their writing out there for the whole world to read.

Guest posts certainly brighten up my day, apart from the fact that I enjoy communicating with the writers, discussing ideas and getting a great post published.

How to Submit a Guest Post

You may send me a ready-to-go post, a title or just an idea for a post and I will examine it and tell you what to do next, just use the form below.

I look forward to reading your post and am sure that it will make a great addition to my webpage.

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