Why You Need An Add-On Car Navigation System?

Did you know that factory-installed navigation systems add between $1000 and $4000 to the price of a car? Plus, you only get updated maps if you buy the latest model.

If you’re buying a car that dropped last year or a year before that, you’ll have to be content with older maps and out-of-date navigation.

That’s why many buyers prefer an add-on car navigation system installation rather than a conventional one.

Benefits of Dealer-Based Navigation Systems

Techies and audiophiles prefer dealer-based systems to their factory counterparts because these offer additional features.

You get to retain a sleek appearance while adding more power to your dashboard.

Some key features of aftermarket systems include:

Tailor-Made Aesthetics

Unlike factory-made units that offer bland aesthetics, an aftermarket system lets you decide how you want it to look.

You can have it made as per your style. Choose a color and also decide what visuals and animations you want with the unit.

Additional Features

Dealer-based navigation systems have features that you won’t find on most factory systems. These include DVD players, video playback options, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and more.

The best part is you only pay for the features you like and leave the rest.

Updated Maps and Screens

Aftermarket navigation screens are a significant improvement over the basic stereo screens that many cars come installed with.

Many of these have higher resolutions and come with animated menus. They also have cool themes and updated maps, so you get functionality with style.

Complete Customization

If you’re someone who likes things a particular way, then add-on car navigation system installation is what you should go with.

Not only will you be able to customize all menu icons and colors. You get full control over the dashboard and can also add extra equipment like Bluetooth or a rear-view camera – if your car doesn’t already have them.

Lower Prices

Most aftermarket navigation systems cost less than their factory counterparts. These start as low as $250 and are easy on your pockets.

Gone are the days when you need to pay over a thousand dollars to get factory navigation. Now, you get a better system at a fraction of the price.


You’ll also find people championing smartphone navigation systems over anything else. However, what if you lose cell coverage?

Add-on car navigation system installation will do a better job, as it doesn’t depend on cell coverage and offers intricate, turn-by-turn guidance.