Why the VW Beetle Was so Popular

Immediately after World War II, many countries either had to rebuild or reconstruct. Germany could no longer expect the world to come to its aid, so instead it built its economy and its economy went from bad to very bad. At the time, if you had money and drove a car, you were somehow distinguished. The Germans didn’t want to buy a Toyota, they wanted a VW. Cars in those days were immensely expensive, of course, but a Volkswagen was the ideal. It was cheap. It was reliable. It was safe. It was simple. It was cheap. This was part of the virtue of the Beetle.

Most of the cars at the time didn’t look like cars anymore. The reality is that in many European countries, the cars looked like rockets. In the United States, it was simple cars, easy to maintain. They were made of wood, plastic or steel. The Soviets built cars out of steel, which was a good thing, but they were so heavy and the wheel bases were so big that it was really tough to carry luggage. Volkswagen was so much easier. They got the cool design. They got the short wheel bases. They had one piece front and one piece rear axles. It was easy to service. It was easy to repair.

You couldn’t do that in the Soviet bloc because they didn’t have an auto industry. The VW Beetle helped to build the auto industry. It went up and down, but it kept going. It grew and it grew. One thing Volkswagen did was build cheap cars. Many people told me that Volkswagen made the best small cars that were affordable in those days. There weren’t that many other choices. When the Cold War ended, people realized they could afford cars and drive them, and they turned to the VW for a new car.

It wasn’t just that the VW Beetle was cheap, it was reliable. It had a great reputation, but this was true of all cars in those days. People said it was hard to find a car that you can depend on and that you could fix. It wasn’t only the auto industry that was getting better, it was just cars in general. There was a point at which the design of cars stopped improving.

The 1960s is when you start seeing this change, and this was happening in the 1950s as well. The 1960s is when you start seeing a lot of American cars, not just Volkswagen cars. The designs started to get better, and the quality of cars got better. The cars got better because Americans had better tools and better ability to build cars, so they made better cars.

For example, VW now makes cars in America, in Chattanooga, Tennessee. At one point, VW had to shut down their plant in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania because it couldn’t afford to pay the wages that were needed there. You can’t make a car like the Beetle in a country with 25 million people, it’s just impossible. So VW had to stop making cars in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. VW needed American workers, and they were able to find American workers.

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