What’s the Difference Between a Sports Bike and a Cruiser Bike?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with your options as you shop for a new motorcycle. If you’re confused with the many different types of rides available, then start by exploring the differences between sports bikes and cruisers. Check out the latest cruiser and sportbike gear to match your ride before blazing your own trails.

Benefits of Sports Bikes

A sports bike is designed for pure speed. Often used in racing situations, a sports bike has a forward-leaning riding position. This aerodynamic design is useful as you reach top speeds on a racetrack, but isn’t a comfortable position for hours of highway riding.

Sport bikes are also usually lighter in weight than cruisers. This helps them reach top speeds quickly and navigate turns easily.

The result of all this raw power and lightweight design, however, is a higher price tag. Expect to invest more in a sports bike compared with a cruiser or other design. Consider this high-performance ride for a fun weekend ride or a serious racer, but otherwise you may be better off with a cruiser.

Benefits of Cruiser Bikes

From the iconic Harley Davidson bikes to many other cruiser brands, these motorcycles capture the imagination and are some of the most popular, memorable designs. If you fell in love from watching bikers roar into town or cruise down the highway, you likely fell in love with cruiser bikes.

This style is typically heavier, but more affordable and comfortable. The most relaxed, laid-back riding posture is perfect for more consistent, comfortable rides around town or across the country. While not quite as comfortable as a touring bike, a cruiser is a popular option to balance short- and long-distance rides.

Finding the Right Sports Bike Gear

Once you make your decision on the best bike for your riding style, it’s time to gear up. Both cruisers and sports bikes have a full lineup of gear designed for the riding posture and typical rides.

Choose sport bike helmets for lightweight and aerodynamic options meant for race day. These helmets offer all the DOT-certified protection you need for a ride around town, but are breathable and lightweight enough for adrenaline-pumping races.

A cruiser helmet, however, is going to focus more on comfort and protection. These lids aren’t designed for fast-paced races around the track, but can help you stay safe on the highway. Consider a half-helmet or open-face lid for more breathability during short rides.

Best Parts To Tune Up Your Cruiser Bike

Your next purchase should be aftermarket sport bike or cruiser parts to maintain or upgrade your ride. Stock performance may be fine for some riders, but you deserve the very best in fuel economy and horsepower. Here are some popular aftermarket parts to get you started:

  • Exhaust kit
  • Air filter
  • Wheels
  • Brakes
  • Suspension components
  • Seats
  • Grips

Shop for Bike Parts Online

Your local bike store may not have all the parts you need to gear up for your next adventure. For highly rated parts, helpful customer reviews and discount prices, head to an online motorcycle parts store. Tailor your ride and fall in love with life on two wheels thanks to these awesome bike parts.