Vaping in Vehicles

One of the most popular places to vape these days is in a car. This is mainly because people are always in their cars, running errands, or rushing to work. Whether you’re a long-time vapor or a beginner, its always safer to have a separate vehicle mod, work mod, and home mod simply because it makes your vape life much easier.

Is it Illegal?

The simple answer is no, it is not illegal to vape while driving. News headlines and certain research reports are presented on media platforms to create a general narrative that vaping in a vehicle can now lead to serious consequences such as fines. However, the truth is that there is no law explicitly relating to simultaneously driving and vaping.

However, one should not only focus on a direct law regarding vaping and driving. Other existing laws such as careless driving also apply to vapors who are operating a vehicle. This is because large vapor clouds may block your vision and could be potentially dangerous when in combination with a sensitive task like driving. You should also take a few precautions such as storing your cartridges and any other cannabis-related products in smell proof weed bags so that you don’t present a nuisance to anyone who enters your car. In furtherance of that, here are a few pro tips to keep in mind for vaping in vehicles:

Pro Tips for Vaping in a Car

  1. Don’t Vape with your Windows Closed
    Simply put, this is because your windshield and rear windows will eventually become covered with a sticky residue that is easily visible on a sunny day. This disposition of vapor in the form of vegetable glycerin can make your windows foggy, disturbing your vision on the road.

    If you’re too lazy to stop your car and clean your windshield properly, you can easily avoid the issue by making sure your windows are open while vaping.

  1. Be Careful About Where You Place Your Vaporizer
    Automobile engineers haven’t yet designed a specific place in your car to fit your electronic cigarette vertically. This can be a big issue as many tanks tend to leak through their airflow slots, especially when placed horizontally on a flat surface. Additionally, vaporizers come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s always harder to identify where to safely keep your new vape in a vehicle.

    Until the ashtrays in a car are replaced with mod and e-liquid bottle holders, make sure to invest in a car holder for the vape or get creative and put together one of your own!

  1. Don’t Leave Your Vape or E-Liquid in the Car
    Especially in low temperatures, the consistency of e liquid tends to change. It is likely to get thicker especially if it contains a high level of VG content. This could possibly lead to wicking issues or leakage in your car.

    A technical way to avoid this issue is by using an e-liquid that contains PG content instead of VG. A simpler way, however, is to try Elf Bar 600 vape or a similar disposable vape, which you would have to throw out after you’re done with it. That way, you won’t leave it in your car for no reason.

The Final Verdict

Some simple rules to remember while vaping in a car include:

  • Open windows and blow vapor outside
  • Vape only when you’ve stopped at traffic signals
  • Do not attempt to change settings or refill a tank while driving

Finally, safety is the most important rule here. It can be fun to blow huge clouds in the car and impress passersby, but these clouds can be dense and impair your vision while driving. Make sure you’ve taken all safety precautions before you begin vaping in your vehicle, because you’re better safe than sorry.