Top Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Consider

Modern automobiles have become extremely common place in all homes. It is no longer a luxury to own a car. However, maintenance of a vehicle is extremely important to extend its life and keep it performing at optimum level. If you own a car or any other vehicle, you will benefit from the maintenance tips our Chevy service center has mentioned below. FinancenInsurance is a great resource for you to read when maintaining your car.

Vehicle Maintenance Tips

1.    Understand Different Warning Light Indicators

Modern cars have different warning systems which alert you when something is wrong. As part of fundamental car maintenance, you should know the meaning of these different warning indicators so you can fix the issue at hand. 

  • Check Engine Light: This usually means there is a problem with the different components of the motor of the car which have sensors actively monitored by and connected to an interface. You may want a technician to check your vehicle out. 
  • Electrical Fault Light: This means that the car’s electrical charging system has issues that require fixing. 
  • Service Engine Light: This light indicates that your car requires a scheduled maintenance.
  • Brake Warning Light: There could be various reasons why this light comes on. For instance, the brake fluid levels might require topping up.
  • Oil Warning Light: This light usually flashes when the oil pressure in the engine is very low or due to the oil pump’s failure or oil strainer blockage. If this light is on, don’t attempt to drive your vehicle.  
  • ABS Warning Light: Anti-lock braking systems ensure that your car is controllable in situations which require sudden stop. You should immediately take your car to the nearest automobile shop to get it checked if this light is on. 

2.    Tires and Wheels

Wheels and tires are extremely important parts of any vehicle. You need to ensure they are maintained properly to keep your vehicle working properly. 

  • Check the tire pressure: Tire pressure affects the comfort and handling of your vehicle. Your owner’s manual will tell you what the suggested tire pressure for your automobile is. This should ideally be checked weekly. Some cars also have monitoring systems for tire pressure preinstalled. You can also buy gadgets to check your vehicle’s tire pressure. 
  • Check Tread Depth: You need tires that can work in all sorts of weather conditions, especially if your vehicle is used off-road. This is where tread depth comes in. If your tractor tires or car tires are wearing thin, you’ll slide in the mud and skid in the rain. Tire manufacturers today integrate tread wear bars into tires to remove the bother of guessing if your tire treads are deep enough to work in certain difficult weather conditions. If your vehicle does not have these tread wear indicators, you should probably invest in a new set. 
  • Have Their Alignment Checked: Wheel alignment and balancing are important when it comes to vehicle maintenance as well as safety on the road. So you should get your tires balanced, rotated and aligned according to the mileage mentioned in the owner’s manual. 

3.    Engine

Your engine is not only responsible for the running of the car but also other parts of it. Here are some ways you can ensure your engine is working properly.

  • Check Oil Levels: A car’s engine has many moving mechanical parts which create friction when they rub against one another. This friction creates heat which can reduce engine performance. That is why it’s important to minimize the friction to ensure smooth operation of your vehicle. By checking the engine’s oil levels, you make sure your car works less noisily and performs better. It’s also crucial to check the color of the oil. It should not be black. When it comes to the frequency of oil change, your car’s owner manual will be your guide. 
  • Check Engine Coolant Level: All the moving parts in your car will produce heat. While the oil lessens the friction, you need to prevent excessive heating as well. The radiator functions to get rid of excess heat and the fluid given to it is the engine coolant. You need to check if there is enough coolant in the reservoir to get heat from the engine dissipated into the environment.
  • Replace Engine Air Filter: Your engine’s efficient operation is dependent on the mixture of fuel and air. And to ensure this, you need to see that the air coming into your car engine is not contaminated with debris or other matter that would undermine your engine’s operation. Your engine air filter should be replaced based on the recommendations of your vehicle manufacturer. Remember that a lot of things can affect the engine air filter. For example, if you use your car daily and take it on long drives, there’s a higher chance that debris and dirt accumulate in the air filter faster. 

4.    Protect your Headlights

Keep an eye on your headlights as they are your best friends while driving at night. If you drive at night without both of your headlights, it can be incredibly dangerous and risky. When driving at night, make sure both of your headlights are working. If not, repair or replace them. Various websites, such as, are available today, from where you can easily source automotive parts even if you own a premium vehicle. It can save your life and avoid accidents.

Replacing a headlight bulb will take only about 15 minutes.

5.    Clean your Windshields and Replace the Wipers

A dirty windshield can cause a lot of trouble when you can’t see clearly. These can cause visual impairments if they are not cleaned regularly and can sometimes lead to accidents.

For safe driving, having a clear view of the road is very necessary for the driver. The dust and particulate can collect and even damage the windshield when you use the wipers, if you don’t clean them.

Check your wipers regularly and get them replaced if needed. Using broken wipers could cause the glass to scratch and block your vision, which could contribute to the need to repair your entire windshield.

Now that you know some of the best tips for vehicle maintenance, perhaps head on over to Chevy service center and get your vehicle serviced now!

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