Top-Rated Big Rigs For The Road In 2018

Big rig trucks make up much of the traffic found on the interstates and highways in the United States.  These large vehicles are rulers of the roads, and anyone driving them spends a lot of time in the cab.  

Due to the constant nature of the job of driving one of these beastly machines, special care and technology goes into the build of a modern big rig.  Take some time out of your day to check out a few of the top-rated, built to last, big rigs for the road in 2018.

Cummins-Peterbilt Supertruck

The Cummins-Peterbilt Supertruck gets an unrivaled 10.7 miles per gallon, which means it gets 75 percent better fuel economy than other big trucks on the road today.  It disperses 43 percent less greenhouse gases into the Earth’s atmosphere, and comes equipped with “Predictive Cruise Technology.”  

The Supertruck is also semi-autonomous, as it has the ability to stop on its own in an emergency.  If a driver has a medical emergency and can no longer navigate safely, the vehicle’s computer will stop the truck as soon as it is safe. 

The big rig is so advanced in its build that Obama used it as an example vehicle when he announced guidelines for increasing fuel-efficiency and lowering GHG emissions in commercial trucking.  You cannot get much better than the Cummins-Peterbilt Supertruck when it comes to efficiency on the road.  

Kenworth T680

The Kenworth T680 also comes equipped with “Predictive Cruise Control” and a stellar GPS navigation system.  It is built to instinctually increase speeds when approaching an incline and release the gas when cresting a hill.  

The T680 also showcases a new next-generation AC system that stores power while the engine is running, so the driver can rest in a cool environment even when the truck is powered off.  The LCD control panel in the sleeper area of the cabin offers easy adjustments throughout your sleep cycle.

Volvo’s DME natural gas truck

You may not be as familiar with Volvo’s big truck builds, but Volvo’s trucks are some of the nicest on the road.  The main focus of builders in the industry has been fuel efficiency as of late, and Volvo has not missed the mark with their DME natural gas truck.  

The aerodynamics of the Volvo big rigs is more advanced than any other brand of truck on the road.  The front bumpers on the Volvo trucks are designed to push air underneath the vehicle, decreasing the wind resistance and increasing the fuel efficiency.

Freightliner big rigs

Freightliner big rigs have ruled the industry for years.  The company sells close to 200,000 rigs per year, and it is the largest manufacturer in the country.  

Surprisingly, the newest model of Freightliners available is not the most popular.  Drivers prefer the 2007 model over all the rest for its excellent gas mileage and superb comfort.