Top Maintenance Tips That Will Extend the Life of Your Car

Your car is probably one of your most valuable and useful possessions. It is, therefore, perfectly okay if you want to get the most out of it by extending its useful life. This not only gives you value for money but keeping it in a good condition can also come in handy in lifesaving situations. For instance, when using your vehicle as collateral, some lenders will need to first ensure that it is well maintained and in a perfect working condition. Here are a few tips to help maintain your car in perfect condition and increase its useful life:

1. Check the oil and other fluids regularly

Apart from gas, oil is probably the second most important fluid that you should keep a close eye on. Your car’s user manual will have a guide on the most appropriate time to check and refill or situations in which you might need to drain and replace the oil altogether. But oil isn’t the only fluid keeping the engine in a proper working condition and helping boost its longevity. The brakes, transmission, and power steering fluids as well as the radiator coolant are equally important and should be taken into checked and refilled regularly.

2. Tend to repairs promptly

Is the car engine producing strange noises, does it take long to start or emits too much smoke? Have a professional mechanic check it out. Ideally, they start by running the computer diagnostics to check the current state of the engine as this helps identify the problem. A mechanic is also in a better position to identify the underlying problem and share tips on how to prevent its recurrence. Therefore, even when the vehicle seems to run on perfectly, have these minor issues addressed as soon they arise as they may be symptoms of deeper underlying issues.

3. Park under a shade

The sun’s ultraviolet lights make it to the list of the biggest threat to your car’s interior and a major accelerator of paintworks wear and tear. When exposed to these UV rays for extended times, sunlight may cause the cause cracks on the dashboard and fading of the car’s interiors. You can, however, avoid this by always parking your car in a garage or under a shade. If you have access to neither, consider using a sun shield over the windscreen.

4. Take the owner’s manual to heart

How often should you service your car? What about the recommended tire pressure and periods in between rotating them or checking and replacing the air filter? While these questions may seem common, there are different answers for different car models. What works best for your car is best explained by the user manual and it is, therefore, imperative that you take it to heart. The all-important guide will also teach you a few tips on how to perform basic vehicle diagnosis to determine whether you need to visit the auto shop.

Bottom line

With so many moving parts that require constant oiling and exposure to other external factors like the sun’s UV lights, there is so much you have to guard against when extending the useful life of your car. But you can still hack it by constantly checking the fluids, attending to what may seem minor mechanical issues on time and mastering the car manual. However, you still have to be careful while on the road if either of these maintenance tips are to bear any fruits.