Top 7 Must Have Apps To Have If You’re A Motor Head

This article goes out to all those motor heads who have a penchant for all the details of motor vehicles and the services in the automotive sector. We will provide you with a list of 7 great apps that you must have in your phone for convenience of movement as well as a solution for all your locomotive related queries and problems.


Before indulging in the details of the apps, I would first like to recommend all you people to bookmark on your laptops and phone as it is a must-have gadget for any person who owns a car. Last month, I wanted to replace my car and was looking for a buyer. Despite being in mint condition, I had to go through lengthy processes of setting up meetings with potential buyers and hassle with them for the right price for my car. It was all becoming a head-ache for me. Then I searched online and found a portal called I decided to give it a try and surprisingly,everything worked out in instantaneously as I sold my car within with in a day. This was probably the safestas well as quickest transactions I have ever made in my life. The process involves three easy steps. First, you have to sign-up your car for online evaluation and provide the make, model and year of your car. The second step requires booking an appointment for inspection at their branch. Finally, they’ll make you an offer and if you find it reasonable enough, you can accept cash on spot. The money they offer is rational and better than the market-price. Again, I’ll like to stress that if anyone wants to sell their car, do give a try because in my opinion, it is the most efficient and time-saving way to get a satisfactory price for your car. Courtesy: One satisfied customer.

  1. Careem:

Careem is a leading ride-hailing service that aims at simplifying the communication between you and your cab. The app tracks your location using the GPS and then presents you with the drivers in your vicinity that you can choose from. It also allows you to choose your destination to give an idea of the approximated fare and time of arrival. This whole process bypasses the hassling and other complexities, enabling users to have a safe and comforting ride to their desired location.For payments, they accept cash as well as cards. Moreover, Careem has a wide range of vehicles that have been classified in various categories such as delivery, economy, SUVs as well as luxury. To illustrate how much the company cares about their customers, they have introduced family-friendly cars with child seats to cater the travelling needs of families with toddlers.



3.GPS Route Finder:

If you’re in a mood of adventure and looking forward to exploring new places, then this is the app for you as it gives you an overview of all the nearby locations within your reach. Coupled with a user-friendly interface, the GPS system is accurateand provides the location of nearby banks, cafes, schools, universities, hotels, restaurants and even ATMs. All in all, it is the perfect app to follow the route to anyplace just at a stretch of a quick search.



  1. DriveTribe:

If you’re a motor enthusiast, you must be acquainted with the Ex-Top Gear Trio: Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Clarkson. After leaving top gear, the three started a new show called The Grand Touron Amazon.Now, they’ve launched an app as well. They’ve combined a wide contingent of writers, racers, journalists and camera-crew on a single platform to provide every motor-head with the latest news, videos and updates about their favorite cars. The interface is simplistic and embedded with videos in different categories. You can access holistic reviews, videos and pictures of cars (both interior and exterior) that you adore.In a nutshell, as stated at their website, DriveTribe is ‘The Social Network for Petrol-Heads’.


5.Carma In-Car Voice-Controlled:

Using your phone while driving ratchets up the risk of an accident. In order to avoid the complications, Carma In-Car Voice-Controlled lets you use your phone at the command of your voice without getting your eyes off the road. You can also activate it by a simple wave or tap.It also comes with an auto-activation feature on Bluetooth. The app can provide you with navigation, play music, text and call. Moreover, other tasks can also be integrated in the app manually. A must have app for safe sailing.


  1. Torque Pro (OBD2 & Car):

On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) is a term used for representing the performance of the vehicle using the gathered data. This app uses an adapter to connect to your engine control unit. In layman’s language, this app collects data related to various indicators of the car’s performance like torque, horsepower, carbon emissions, 0-60 speed, compass, graph data, etc. All this information helps you and the technician track down the problems that the vehicle is facing. In short, it’s the best tool for troubleshooting your car. You can record the readings from various trips and compare them to find out which part of your car is not performing up to its built capacity. It also comes with alarms and warnings so that if any part is under-performing, it’ll warn you with the inbuiltvoice overlay. This app is compatible with vehicles that have a OBD2 system, which is a common feature in cars that were manufactured prior to 2000.So, no worries about that too.


  1. Waze:

Waze is a community-based traffic app in which the users not only gets information about their route but can also report various incidents on their route to help other users e.g. you can report an accident or a road-block to other users so that they may use another route to reach the desired location. Similarly, the app provides location of various pitstops as well as cheap gas stations along the route. All in all, it is a useful and reliable GPS navigation app.


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