Top 10 Cars We Brits Scrapped in 2017

There are new scrappage schemes propping up left right and centre. The incentive from car dealerships is to get us all into more eco-friendly vehicles and save on emissions.

Many people don’t use these schemes and opt for the recycling treatment for their vehicle for cash before buying their new car.

Here is a list of cars that were scrapped the most on AutoTrader last year. 

  1. Volkswagen Golf

  2. Ford Focus

  3. Vauxhall Astra

  4. Ford Fiesta

  5. Vauxhall Corsa

  6. BMW 3 Series

  7. Volkswagen Polo

  8. Ford Mondeo

  9. Honda Civic

  10. Volkswagen Passat

The most popular brand we scrap is Ford which accounts for just under 35% of the top 10.

Scrapping car you can be greatly beneficial to both you and the environment. Scrapping services often will pick your car up however you arrange, pay you in cash/ your preferred method and it can be a much better way to get rid of that old banger.

Scrapping an old car when you are getting a newer car is also great for the environment, as newer models of vehicles have been built with the environment on mind, in contrast to old cars which were not so.