Tips On Filing An Auto Insurance Claim

If you’re a young driver, you may not be very familiar with the steps to filing an auto insurance claim.  You may never plan to be in an accident out on the roads, but accidents do happen.  

It’s better to have some knowledge to help guide you through the situation should you ever find yourself there.  Take a few moments now to check out a quick look at some tips on filing an auto insurance claim.  

Call the authorities if you’re in a car accident

If you are ever involved in a car accident, you need to notify the authorities as soon as possible.  The police need to be called to sort the situation, stop through traffic, and take care of any cleanup that is necessary.  

The local authorities will also put together a full report on the various elements of the accident for insurance purposes.  If anyone needs medical attention, the police will provide help quickly.  

Make sure to document the scene

Though the local police will do their best to document the scene in its entirety, you should always take pictures and information for your own records.  Take pictures of the scene of the accident, and be very detailed in the images you capture.  

If it’s safe to do so, talk to the people involved in the accident.  Gather names and insurance information, so you can get your insurance claim moving forward as soon as possible.  

Call your auto insurance agency

Once you are safely away from the accident scene, you need to make a phone call to your auto insurance agent.  Reporting your accident as soon as possible will help your insurance agent move forward as quickly as possible with your claim.  

You may be without a vehicle for longer if you draw your feet on filing your insurance claim.  Let your policy protect the quality of your life, and call your insurance company ASAP. If you already don’t have an insurance agent, you can consider the services of a Colorado Springs State Farm insurance agent or an agent of comparable caliber in your area.

Consider hiring a lawyer 

If you or someone in your car was injured during the car accident, you are not responsible for paying for those damages.  If you’re not at fault for the accident, the person who is at fault is responsible for financial reparations.  

You may need a personal injury lawyer to help you properly navigate the situation.  Keep close to your legal professional to make sure everything hashes out the right way in the end. 

Keep in close contact with the insurance company

Once you have made the initial contact to start your auto insurance claim, you need to make sure you keep in contact with your agent.  You may need to take additional steps to give the insurance company everything they need to properly process your claim.