Useful Tips for Novice Truck Drivers

Driving a heavy vehicle in Australia is a challenging task, it takes a lot of skill and dedication to transport a large load across the country without running into a major issue. If you’ve just completed your heavy vehicle licence and you are in the middle of your first few weeks on the job, there are several things to consider when operating your vehicle.

Finding the Right Job > Having finished your heavy vehicle driving course, your next step is to find work with a reputable organisation. Many truck driving schools have numerous contacts in the industry, so that is the best place to start if you are looking for placement. If you do your course through a recognised organisation, you’ve a much higher chance of getting a position with a first-class company.

Pre-vehicle Safety Inspection > If you’ve taken a course and you’ve received your heavy rigid licence in Melbourne, they will have instructed you to conduct numerous safety checks before you get on the road. But many novice drivers forget the basics when operating their trucks and they leave for their destination without carrying out safety inspections. Once inspections are done, you should ensure that you have all of the correct safety tools onboard too. For example, you should have a first aid kit, a Power Landing Gear and back support if you’re going on long journeys.

It is better to conduct a safety check to ensure you don’t run into any engine or other vehicle problems along the way. The last thing you need is to breakdown in a rural area with no sign of a mechanic, therefore making sure you get your truck serviced from companies like Ferguson Truck Center should cancel out this issue when you have long days out on the road. Although, here are some important parts of your truck you should check before departure:

  • Engine
  • Breaks
  • Mirrors
  • Tyres
  • Fuel level

Improving Fuel Consumption > One of the easiest ways to reduce your fuel consumption is to reduce your speed while on the road. If you rush to your destination you increase your fuel consumption, not to mention you’ve a greater risk of being involved in a road traffic accident.

You should focus on maintaining a constant driving speed and avoid accelerating too quickly when taking off from a static position. Check your load before you set off, if you’ve good which are stacked high, you’ll have less control when cornering.

Navigate with Care > When you approach construction zones or narrow roadways, you must be cautious and reduce your speed. You must remember that you are driving a heavy vehicle which can cause a lot of damage if you lose control. Leave plenty of space when manoeuvring and don’t attempt difficult turns.

Healthy Driving Tips > It is important to keep physically fit when working as a truck driver, even on the job you should take some time to move your muscles to improve circulation. You should also focus on your posture as you’ll be in the driving seat for long periods without rest, so good posture is crucial.

Keep all of these helpful tips in mind when driving your truck, you should have a strategy in place to help you remember important safety checks which must be carried out before you get on the road. Be cautious when while driving and navigate through tricky areas at a reduced speed. Try to keep physically active and take breaks when you feel tired.