Buying a car is a major investment and as such, you want it to serve you for the longest period with as little breakdowns as possible. The beauty with cars is that if you maintain them well, they reward you with long service and the resale value will also be significantly higher than leave them neglected.

Regular service is important for the safety of the car and that of the driver. While maintenance costs might be comparatively higher, neglect is definitely more costly since you will have to fork out more money for major repairs and overhauls for services that could have costed way less had you got them looked at in good time.

Here are tips to get more miles out of your car.

Drive smoothly

Driving smoothly reduces the wear and tear on your brakes and tires. The way to do this is to plan your routes before you start your journey if you are driving in new roads. Know the distance and if possible the terrain too.

Driving at high speeds and slamming down the brakes after short distances because of traffic or speed bumps will cause a lot of wear and tear to both your tires and brakes. Instead, at a moderate speed and if you must accelerate, do it smoothly and make sure the road ahead is clearly to maintain the speed.

On the same breathe, step on the brakes softly to bring the car to a gradual stop instead of sudden stops. This improves your gas mileage and helps maintain your car in a considerably good condition over a length of time.

Be loyal to your dealership

Besides loyalty rewards and the occasional discounts, sticking with your dealerships has many other benefits. If they sold you the car, then you can get free repairs and service for a certain duration or mileage for free which is covered by the warranty cover.

You also get the peace of mind that your car is fitted with genuine spare parts and should anything go malfunction you can always go back to the dealer and have it checked at no extra costs.

Taking your car to unscrupulous repair shops will leave it worse for wear and even void the warranty should they damage a component. Go to reputable repair shops like Jeepseatbracket.Com which are better equipped to handle your specific car problems.

Service your car regularly

Make sure you take your car for regular service as recommended by the dealer or manufacturer. This is just not for when it starts making funny sounds but as dictated by the maintenance calendar.

Most manufacturers recommend service after every certain distance driven. This is under ideal driving conditions. If you drive your car in rough terrains with lots of dust, then it’s better you take your car for service three quarter way to the threshold.

Things like terrain and dust affect the mechanical condition and the engine of your car and it will serve you for longer if you factor these in in the service duration.