The Best Racing Car Video Games

In the not-too-distant future, driverless vehicles may not be fiction but reality. Companies such as Tesla have made strides in the development of electric vehicles and in turn, driverless cars. Many predict driverless cars will not be some distant fantasy, but some of them could take over everyday driving. In the face of such progress, I’ve reviewed my personal list of the best racing games on my personal list of the Top 7 Racing Games for PC and Xbox 360, featuring some excellent racers from all different corners of the gaming universe. For the avid gamers out there, you might even want to get a sim racing rig set up so that you can enjoy these games in a more immersive setting!

I’ve also included a couple of titles that were previously omitted but have since come out on Xbox Live and Windows Phone 8.

Eagle Rise Racing

Game Features:

For the first time, Eagle Rise Racing combines the challenging racing on Xbox 360 with the smooth driving and top down views of the Xbox One. You can choose your racing experience: simulate racing against the best drivers, win races to unlock new features, or shoot the lights out against a huge number of untimed races with a couple of mods to spice it up.

Radio Driven

Game Features:

Turn up the radio, rev the engine and race across huge tracks and multi-level terrains. Search for cars and run them off the road, use your own car as a weapon to attack your opponents. Compete in 4 different regions of Australia and use new free cars as you progress through the game. Play with random drivers with limited experience, or play on high difficulty levels with a fully equipped car.

Tesla Racing

Game Features:

The game is a compact version of Burnout Racing that features exclusive tracks and cars exclusively for the Xbox 360. For some reasons, Windows Phone 8 support was omitted from the Xbox One version.

Future Driver

Game Features:

No, I don’t know if this game will ever get a Windows Phone 8 version, but it’s currently available on Xbox One, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, PS4, Xbox 360 and Steam.

Watipi Motorsport

Game Features:

An intense, thrilling driving experience for Microsoft Windows Mobile 8 and Xbox 360.

TestDrive Unlimited 2

Game Features:

TestDrive Unlimited 2 is a driving experience that mixes a variety of types of game genres: racing, driving, flying, breaking and jumping. Discover new tracks and races and earn credits to unlock more cars and game modes.

Elite Beat Frenzy

Game Features:

Elite Beat Frenzy is a fun and addictive card-based game that has two player modes. Compete in 2-player competitions with other players around the globe in Team Vs. Team, Vs. Battles and Vs. Mystery Games.

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