A personal car offers one a lot of mobility in their lives. You can drive anywhere at any time you like. Go on a road trip, for example.

Most motorists will usually take their vehicles for service, oil check and change, get a Walmart Wheel Alignment and check the tires for pressure and that’s it in terms of preparation for a road trip. The plans can go wrong like your vehicle developing mechanical problems in the middle of your journey, with no help at hand.

You need to have basic items to help you out should such emergency situations arise.

Jerry Can

It is a good safety practice to have your tank full before leaving for a long trip. Occasionally, your car might run out of fuel due to traffic jams or the terrain, with no gas station in the vicinity. This is where a jerry can comes in.

Always have an empty jerry can in your trunk when you are on the road for and your car runs to a stop. The jerry can has to be empty for obvious safety reasons unless you actually do want your car to burst out in flames.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is a basic safety feature every vehicle must have whether you are going for a long road trip or your local grocery store. You will need it to attend to minor accidents, scratches and bruises.

Your first aid kid must have latex gloves, bandages and common medicine like painkillers. It may also be worth attending a first aid course, like c2c’s online first aid training program, for example, so you can learn how to properly treat injuries.

Water bottle

A water bottle is for both your hydration on the road as well an emergency coolant should your engine start overheating.

You will definitely need a bottle of clean water when you are travelling in highways with few stops in between.

Driving license

This should be obvious but a good number of people forget to carry with them their driving licenses until they are stopped by the police. Always remember to carry your license if you don’t keep it in the car or if you have multiple cars.

Reflective triangles

Reflective triangles warn other motorists of a potential hazard when your car stalls on the road.

Place them at least 60 meters from your car so other motorists can have sufficient space for diversion.

Jumper cables

Jumper cables are one of the items you should always keep in your car at all times. Your car battery might die down and you will need to have someone jumpstart your car for you. These are essentials in every car’s emergency kit.

Duct tape

Should you get bumped, duct tape will help hold your accessories like side mirror or tail lights until you get to a repair shop to have them fixed.


Carry some little cash with you especially when you are taking a long trip. Your credit cards might fail and you might find yourself in situations where you need cash to pay for a service or an item.

Do not keep cash in your glove compartment as that is the first place burglars search when they break into your car.