Safety Comes First: 7 Motorcycle Accident Prevention Strategies That Will Keep You Safe on the Road

Unfortunately, there are still countless reasons as to why riding a motorcycle on any kind of road still puts you in a higher risk category than other vehicle drivers and, in some places, even pedestrians.

This is because even relatively small problems like cracks in a road can turn into massive problems for cyclists, and that’s without adding all the additional safety concerns that roads and traffic have. Accidents are stressful and if there are other individuals involved then you may need to visit a website similar to or seek assistance from a lawyer in your hometown.

To help keep you safe while you’re out on the road, today we’re going to examine and detail the most important safety strategies you can implement as a biker with the aim of drastically minimizing your risk of being involved in an accident.

#1 – Monitor Your Speed

The speed and rate of acceleration a motorbike can produce is both a blessing and a curse. While it can be extremely enjoyable to zoom off into the distance, way faster than both cars, pushing your bike to its limit is a sure-fire way to increase the likelihood of an accident.

Instead, make sure you’re accelerating at an appropriate pace compared with the rest of the traffic, and always stick to speed limits.

#2 – Be Aware of Hazards

As we mentioned in the introduction, what may be an insignificant issue for a car or lorry can be a big issue for a motorcyclist. While you’re out on the road, and even before you set off, ensure you’re mindful of the condition of the road, as well as any potential hazards that lay in front of you. Minimize distractions.

#3 – Wear High-Visibility Clothing

While you may feel like you’re easy to spot, especially if you have a loud motorbike, you’re not always going to be visible to other vehicles, especially if they’re distracted by other things in their car.

One of the best ways to minimize an accident situation is by wearing high-visibility clothing that stands out. Hi-Viz jackets are ideal for this.

#4 – Never Drink

Drinking and operating a motorcycle is not only illegal but is also far more dangerous than drinking and driving a car. This is because bikes tend to be capable of higher speeds and rely on coordination and balance to be operated properly.

#5 – Choosing Your Route

When you own a bike, it can be tempting to cut across different lanes and areas of road, especially if the way looks clear and free from traffic. However, this can cause issues when you’re not careful and taking unnecessary risks.

For example, never try and overtake a car by passing them and parked cars. You never know what the driver is going to do, what’s coming in the other direction, and who might get in or out of a parked car.

#6 – Look All Around You

This may sound like an obvious point to remember, but you need to look around you while you’re biking. This includes behind you when you’re pulling away from traffic lights and departing intersections.

#7 – Keep Your Servicing Up to Date

A common problem that motorcycles have is the fact that if you leave your maintenance unchecked and don’t carry it out regularly, you’re risking something breaking while you’re biking, which can obviously cause a serious and unexpected problem.


When riding a motorcycle, it’s vitally important that you pay the utmost attention to the road. One false move or problem can be magnified into something serious which is best avoided for everyone involved. If you’re looking for more advice, or you need legal assistance having been involved in an accident, head over to