Protecting Your Best Interests: 4 Things You Should Never Do Following a Car Accident

In the aftermath of a car accident, it’s natural to feel upset, shocked and confused. Don’t let these emotions overrule your ability to rationally overcome the hurdles associated with an accident. One or more of the vehicles have likely been damaged, people may be hurt and your plans for the day have been uprooted. Take a deep breath and stop your vehicle. Take heed to avoid these four common things that could hinder any future attempts to collect compensation.

Never Minimize the Collision

It’s normal to want to minimize the impacts of the accident right after the crash, but avoid making comments like “it’s okay,” or “we are both equally at fault for this.” Such statements may be taken as an admission in court that you should bear some of the financial responsibility for the losses associated with the accident. You should always call the police after an accident even when there does not appear to be any serious injuries. Never make an agreement to keep the police out of the situation because you won’t have any proof that an accident even occurred without a police report. Unless your car is in the way of traffic, you should keep your vehicles exactly how they are to protect any evidence at the scene.

Refrain from Posting Too Much Online

One of our natural instincts after a crash is to vent to our friends and family about the occurrence. This is understandable but not advised, especially on social media. Despite privacy settings, defense attorneys and insurance agents are particularly skilled at finding social media posts that can be used against you. If you are injured, then refrain from posting anything suggesting you were out having a good time with friends, participating in strenuous activities, or anything that might be taken as evidence that you were not really injured. You might also want to talk to Tom Fowler Law attorneys or their likes and seek their expertise at the earliest to avoid the defense attorneys collecting evidence against you while you remain helpless.

Don’t Delay Medical Treatment

When accident-related injuries are apparent, prompt medical treatment is warranted. In many cases, accident-related injuries are not immediately obvious. Victims may not even realize they are injured for days or weeks until symptoms arise, and they may often find themselves getting in touch with places like LifeMotion Physical Therapy for help in recovering. For this reason, it’s advised that accident victims seek medical treatment as soon as possible even when they believe injuries are minor. One of the most serious yet overlooked accident-related injuries can occur when you lose consciousness or become dazed temporarily. Such a symptom may be indicative of a concussion which can cause a traumatic brain injury when left untreated.

Don’t Accept a Reduced Settlement

When one driver is clearly at-fault and liable for the accident, defense attorneys and insurance agencies have an incentive to try to negotiate a settlement amount with the injured party. If they can get you to agree to a reduced compensation amount, then you won’t be able to collect the full amount you rightfully deserve later on. It’s important not to accept any type of settlement unless you are sure that the compensation amount matches the number of losses you’ve endured. Attorneys who treat clients like family can help you decide how much your case is worth.

After an accident, never minimize the collision, refrain from posting about the accident online, don’t delay medical treatment and don’t accept a reduced settlement amount. Abstaining from these actions can help preserve your right to pursue compensation in the future.

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