How To Prep Your Jeep For Winter And Snow

As the weather gets colder, snow and ice become a significant problem on the road. Even when you’re driving a Jeep, you still have to make sure that your ride can handle the slippery conditions so that you don’t wind up in a collision. This is even more necessary if you like to take your rig off-road since traction will be in short supply. So, let’s look at all the ways to prepare your vehicle for winter, from getting Jeep Cherokee replacement parts to buying Jeep Wrangler lift kits.

Step One: Check Your Fluids

Freezing temperatures can damage your engine, particularly the components that require liquid to operate. If you’re not sure how good your fluids are, it’s best to replace them before things get really cold so that you don’t wind up with frozen lines.

Step Two: Check Your Hoses

Cracked or worn parts will only get worse as the weather does. This is because the temperature change puts so much wear and tear on the different components, particularly hoses. Even if there is a small crack, you should patch it or replace the hose altogether. While you’re in the engine, look at your belts as well, since they will experience many of the same problems.

 Step Three: Change Your Tires

You should already have winter gear for your Jeep, for example you need to ensure you have the best Jeep tires, but now is the time to get it if you don’t. Don’t wait until the first snowfall to buy new tires and treads. By then, they will be in short supply and much more expensive.

Step Four: Replace Wiper Fluid

This may not seem like a big deal, but if you have to clean snow and ice off of your windshield, it will make a huge difference. Winter fluids are designed for colder temperatures so that you won’t get streaks or frozen particles on your glass.

Bottom Line: Be Prepared

Winter is a tough time for everyone, especially your Jeep. If you don’t take the time and effort to ensure that your vehicle is in prime condition, you will wind up paying for it in the long run. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.