Most Popular & Desired Car Features in 2019

We all come to the point where it is time to buy a new car, but what influences that decision? You may simply need an upgrade or you are finally moving on from your first car that was bought 15 years ago! We have conducted a list of the most popular and desired car features in 2019, and those most commonly sought by the public when they come to purchasing a new vehicle.

  • Parking Sensors

Parking sensors are extremely popular and for more expensive cars they come as standard. For more mid-level cars you will usually require an upgrade in cost in order to get parking sensors but it is certainly a well desired feature to think about. If you can’t afford to upgrade to the car’s own system, you can also look at purchasing your own parking sensors online. These won’t be as good but they are a compromise, without spending as much money.

  • Cruise Control

Cruise control is extremely popular nowadays due to the simple drive it offers. Simply set the speed limit you wish your car to run to and you can then take your foot off the peddle whilst you cruise along. This is perfect for long journeys, particularly if the majority of the journey is on the motorway.

  • Quality Sound System

For younger generations that are just learning to drive or have passed recently, quality sound systems are a popular feature. Most modern cars will come with a fairly good sound system as standard but you may want to upgrade or consider something different if you have any specific requirements.  

  • Keyless

Keyless systems offer a much more convenient way of utilising your vehicle. Rather than having a traditional key to turn your car on and unlock/lock it you will have a fob that contains a unique chip that is controlled by signals from your car. If you are too far away from the car it will not work. With a keyless system, you can easily access and drive your car without too much trouble. Each system is different but they all follow similar principles.

  • Heated Seats & Steering Wheel

For the colder months, a heated seat and steering wheel never goes a miss. This may be viewed as a more luxurious feature but it is definitely worth considering for your next car. Just like a hot car in the summer is no fun, neither is a cold car in the winter!

  • Apple Car Play

Apple Car Play boasts a range of different uses which are taken from your Smartphone. You can use it to control your music, call people, set up Google Maps and so much more. This is a feature that comes as standard in many modern vehicles such as the IntelliLink System set up by Vauxhall.

  • All Weather Tyres

All weather tyres are less commonly sought after than most of the other features on this list, however, they are one of the most recommended, particularly by those who work in garages. The tread of these types of tyres are perfect for all weather conditions whether that be rain or snow. They are ideal for cars that do a lot of mileage throughout the year and can be easily fitted.

  • Sat Nav

If you take a lot of road trips or find yourself driving a lot more than usual, a built in Sat Nav is a useful feature to invest in. Rather than having to plug-in your Sat Nav every time, a built-in system is perfectly simple and allows you to easily change your destination. You can even integrate this with Siri and other types of voice search, to allow you to

  • Automatic lights

Anything that adds convenience to your drive is useful. Automatic lights mean you never have to worry about having your lights turned on or off ever again. The sensors recognise when it is getting darker and will then switch the lights on for you. This also applies to when you are driving through tunnels or other darkened areas.

  • Leather Interior

Why not consider a gorgeous leather interior for your car? They have a much nicer look compared to standard seats and are also extremely comfortable. You will also find that they are easy to clean and very rarely stain so maintenance is pretty simple.

We hope you have found this article useful and good luck with the car search. If you have any further recommendations, please feel free to get in contact!