Meet the Oldest Running Car in the World Today

We roll our eyes when our grandparents say, “They made everything better in MY day…” But looking at some of these – the oldest running cars in the world today – it seems as though the oldies have a point.

It’s not to say that most of today’s cars are not as good as they made them hundred years ago, but these beauties have been maintained well by their owners. Interestingly, some of the oldest running cars in the world today were actually steam powered. Isn’t it fascinating to see the transition from steam, to fuel, to electric as we dip our toes into the world of solar-powered vehicles?

So, without further ado:

Meet the Oldest Running Car in the World Today

In addition to proper vehicle care, cleaning and careful driving, most of these vehicles have undergone refurbishment and restoration. However, the engines are mostly untouched – and that’s thanks too a combination of:

  • Tender loving care and maintenance
  • Careful driving
  • and state-of-the-art manufacturing and workmanship.

Oldest Running Car in the World Today: 1920 Ford Model T

You guessed it! In 2020, the oldest running car in the world, a 1920 Ford Model T will celebrate its one-hundredth birthday.

This, the oldest running car in the world is owned by Matt Lee from Plymouth, Michigan. There might not be many people today who own this iconic vehicle anymore! Tracing history back to the time when these cars were actually manufactured (the 1920s that is) would probably require some research on websites like Genealogy Bank ( or others. Finding a family that owns the classic Ford cars of old to this day, would require going back in time to when it was bought, and even then it’s no guarantee that they’ll be found! What’s most amazing about this car, is that it is unrestored – not even the paint has been touched-up, but it still runs as smoothly as ever. The car has aged beautifully, which is testament to the superior workmanship, quality and value that is so inherent in the Ford brand.

Of course, owners who stringently maintain their vehicles tend to enjoy more years out of it. That’s clearly the case with this – one of the oldest running cars in the world today – Model T Ford. After nearly 100 years, the engine is still nearly untouched. This car still makes trips down the open road. According to its owner, this car still takes him on frequent trips.

About the Ford Model T

Production on the Ford Model T started on October 1, 1908 and ended on May 26, 1927, opening travel to the average middle-class American. The Model T was colloquially known as Tin Lizzy, flivver or Leaping Lena, and was considered the first affordable automobile, thanks to the fact that it was produced on an assembly line (rather than individually handcrafted) using Ford’s efficient fabrication methods.

Leaping Lizzy was rated the most influential car of the 20th century in 1999 – even though it was one of the oldest cars in the world. It beat Volkswagen Type 1, Citroen DS and BMC Mini to the title.

While this specific Model T is the oldest running car in the world today, it’s not not the first car that Henry Ford conceived. Prior to the Model T, Ford introduced prototypes and models A through T.

Of the Model T, Ford said, “I will build a car for the great multitude. It will be large enough for the family, but small enough for the individual to run and care for.” It certainly seems as though he achieved his objective and that’s why it is still the oldest running car in the world today.

One of the secrets to caring for a vintage car, is the fact that the owners of the oldest running cars in the world today mind the mileage on their vehicles, which is why they ship their vehicles to shows and across long distances.