Lucky People Who Have Won a Car in a Competition

People who go on to win car prizes in a win-a-car competition can definitely consider themselves to be seriously lucky, mostly because if you ask them about this stroke of luck they have, generally they’ll tell a story of how they entered somewhat nonchalantly. They had no expectations of winning and were simply taking a chance. It would make for some interesting reading to explore some cases of various lucky individuals who have indeed won a car in their lives.

So what makes people’s luck change, even drastically, sometimes over a relatively short period of time? Is it a simple combination of circumstances that builds upon themselves or is there a hidden factor at work that makes winning a car so momentous for them?

In the early 1980s, young British woman, Doreen Froch, was a housewife. One day she decided to enter a competition that offered a car worth £3,500. She received a letter saying that she had been selected and would win a Ford Sierra on the 7th of April, 1981. It was a surprise win as there was a fairly sizeable number of entrants.

Doreen said, “I found out when I got home from the shop. I was sorting the mail when a letter from the chamber of commerce came through the door and on it was a postcard saying I had won the car. I was flabbergasted, completely out of my depth.”

It turned out that she was the only person who entered the competition in full knowledge of how much it would cost to buy a car. When she checked the car, she found it was from a garage in Reading and had been put together by their mechanic. She had also been told that a letter containing her details had been sent out to everyone that had entered. She said, “I had no idea that this information had been gathered from all the people who entered the competition. I went back to the shop and said I didn’t want the car because I couldn’t afford it.”

However, the mechanic called on the buyer to remind him that he had to pay for the car, but as the owner of the garage had been convinced that she would win, he gladly helped her out.

She eventually paid the car off some ten years later, after receiving a call from the man who bought it from her husband. He was planning to sell the car and wanted to know if she wanted to buy it back. Doreen said, “My husband always said to me ‘We don’t buy losers’. I couldn’t believe that I had won. I thought it was a wind-up, but when the salesman told me I had won, it was a lovely shock.”

It seems that luck or good fortune tends to follow those who simply make a way to take a chance, in some or other way. So who knows? Maybe the new casino you’re contemplating taking a punt on has a jackpot up for grabs with not that many other punters to essentially compete against for the prize?