Lockdown Breakdown: Tips for Getting Motoring Again

A break down is not only an inconvenience, but expensive if you don’t have a garage nearby.

Most breakdowns are covered under breakdown cover provided by your insurance provider, while if you’re an AA member you can drive in breakdown lanes with free parking if your vehicle has broken down.

Calling in on your Auto-Insurance

For a car to be written off, that means that the insurance company is left with an ‘attempt to repair’ claim on the car’s losses. Your lockdown breakdown is not likely to be that severe though, but you’d still need to have a better understanding of the process of sourcing UK car accessories that will form part of the repairing the vehicle and getting it back on the road.

So, they will usually try to get you to take their own ‘attempt to repair’ claim on your own car or take it to a body repair shop to repair the damage.

They’ll charge you whatever they think the ‘attempt to repair’ claim is worth.

And while they will look at replacing the car with the same make and model, they will often only repair the parts which are broken (in that case it’s often cheaper to buy a new car than repair it).

If you are going to get a new car, be sure to check out our car insurance comparison website to see what you can afford, get a personalised quote, and see whether you could reduce the cost of your car insurance if you made sure you had sufficient cover.

But what if you’ve hit a bump and a wheel has come off?

If your car is still on the road, it’s unlikely that the insurance company is going to push you out of your car. It’s too costly for them to take it off the road, and even if they try, it’s not like their policies allow them to do so anyway.

The insurance company won’t have an ‘attempt to repair’ claim on your car either.

But, they will assess whether they can get you to make a ‘constructive’ offer of compensation for the costs to the company of repairing the damage you caused to their vehicle, including loss of earnings and loss of work.

The idea is to get you to offer some sort of compensation towards the costs of repairing the car, which you could claim back if you took their ‘attempt to repair’ claim on your own car.

Need to get Towed?

Find out how to get your car back on the roads.

Find a reputable and reliable towing company. You will need to pay between £250 and £1000 for each repair. We have spoken to many drivers who have paid between £450 and £2500 for their car to be towed away. Our advice is to use a reputable towing company to get your car back on the road. Make sure to get someone to give you an estimate of what the repairs are likely to be before you agree to pay for the repairs.

If you find a reputable towing company, make sure you use them to get your car back on the road.

Make sure you know exactly where your car is being towed to and if you need to be involved the process of getting parts from motor factors. If it is far from your home or work, you will need to make arrangements to take extra time off. Make sure you find out about the policies of your insurance company.