Liberty Automotive Protection Spotlights Full Suite Of Extended Warranties

Liberty Automotive Protection is spotlighting their full suite of protection products, aimed responding to market demand and maximizing customer satisfaction. Liberty is one of the United States leading providers of automotive extended warranties, and their terms offer an improved level of coverage for vehicle owners, and inspire confidence in the company. The company is nationwide providers of extended automotive warranties, where they help vehicle owners ease the burden of paying for repairs that are expensive.

The company has four different plans for purchase, all available for customization, that offer customer-friendly benefits, built on design, safety, and helps optimize that vehicle safety by making any needs for repairs a comfortable and seamless process.

Liberty Automotive Protection says today’s modernized vehicles are leaving owners with a false sense of security. Many vehicles today come with many complex and complicated parts that didn’t exist a decade ago. The sophistication of these parts makes them vulnerable, and it’s really a gamble if your manufacturer’s warranty runs out.

You could save thousands on just one problem with your vehicle by purchasing extra insurance. Ideally, you would never incur any other charges, besides regularly scheduled maintenance, but that’s a gamble you probably should never take. Manufacturers have improved their cars in quality and reliability over the years, but vehicle owners still report a number of problems. These problems exceed the out-of-pocket costs, thus boosting the argument for extended service contracts. Specialists at Liberty Automotive Protection say, even if you buy the most reliable car that suits your needs, budget and taste, as the driver accumulates miles, it is more than likely you’ll incur additional charges that go beyond your scheduled maintenance.

Many people own their cars beyond the terms provided by the manufacturer warranty, but lack protection against unexpected mechanical breakdowns, once that expires. Representatives at Liberty say vehicle owners are likely to get a better deal with their extended vehicle warranties because of contract flexibility. “We have substantially better coverage,” and “our plans eventually pay for itself,” says one representative.

In addition to protection against covered mechanical breakdowns, Liberty Automotive Protection also reimburses for renting a car, and towing. They also offer vehicle owners the option of having car repairs at the dealership, or taking advantage of discounted repairs at national automotive chains, in which they have partnerships.

Liberty Automotive Protection  which has been featured in Inc. Magazine has been experiencing an upward growth and we are delivering on our strategic growth ambitions. Liberty Automotive Protection covers the costs of parts and repair services on pre-selected mechanical, electrical issues, and electronic components, and helps customers control their out-of-pocket repair expenditures. This provides peace of mind to vehicle owners so they can eliminate the worry about replacing quality components or choosing quality repair services.

As automotive technology advances, it does not eliminate or reduces some issues relating to wear and tear, nor does it offset what the vehicle owner may have to pay.

Vehicle plans can be purchased for vehicles that are currently in use, or at the time of buying a brand new or used car from the dealership.  “Customer satisfaction is our first priority,” says Liberty Automotive Protection.

The Benefits Of Liberty Automotive Protection

If you have been burned by extended service auto repair contracts in the past, it is time to put your faith in Liberty Automotive Protection. Unlike some of their more unscrupulous competitors, Liberty Automotive Protection allows you to read sample contracts on their website, This ensures that you always know exactly what you are paying for. Liberty Automotive Protection also enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, so you can rely on them to be there when they are needed. There is no better company to trust with the repair of your vehicle.

Liberty Automotive Protection offers a wide range of extended service contracts to meet the needs of a variety of prospective customers. Owners of older vehicles should select their Engine coverage, which protects against costly engine repairs without asking individuals to pay for more than they need. The company’s Powertrain coverage includes the engine, transmission, and drive axles. This option is a perfect replacement for the manufacturer’s warranty when it expires, as it offers roughly the same level of coverage. Customers looking for additional protection should choose Powertrain Enhanced coverage, which covers everything above plus air conditioning and electrical components. Finally, Select coverage is extremely comprehensive, covering all of your vehicle’s most important components. There is an additional, optional charge for extras such as the turbo charger, sports utility, and high tech electrical systems though.

Liberty Automotive Protection extended service contracts allow you to choose your own repair shop, so you can pick someone you trust. Most repair shops are paid directly, so you’re not waiting indefinitely for reimbursement that may never arrive. Simply ask your chosen shop to contact us to begin the claims process. Coverage is valid across the United States, so you will be prepared no matter where you are when car troubles strike.

Every plan also includes a number of extras. For example, your coverage is completely transferable, increasing the resale value of your vehicle. You also get roadside assistance, getting handy benefits such as a fuel delivery or engine jump start whenever and wherever they may be required. A locksmith will be provided to you if you accidentally lock yourself out of your vehicle, and you can be compensated for hotel and food costs if your car breaks down while you’re out of town. A rental car is also included while yours is getting repaired. Best of all, there is no limit on the number of claims you can make over the life of the contract. This allows you to use your contract whenever you want without worrying about any arbitrary maximums.

If you are interested in learning more about how Liberty Automotive Protection can help protect your vehicle, contact them on their website, Facebook,  or by calling 800-599-9557. You can even schedule a phone call with a sales representative online if you do not want to wait for one to be available. Your representative will provide you with a no-obligation free quote to help determine if an extended service vehicle contract is right for you!