From the Legal Perspective: 3 Things That Can Go Wrong with an Uber Ride

Uber rides have become increasingly popular as gas prices climb and people turn to the convenience of a chauffeur-style of transportation rather than their own cars. The majority of these rides are unremarkable, but any time you get in a vehicle you run the chance of getting in an accident.

This method of transport is used in 83 countries around the world and has been responsible for getting billions of people safely to their destinations. With this many users, though, problems are bound to occur.

With any automobile, there is a possibility of getting into an accident. If you sustain injuries in an Uber accident, you may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit against the Uber driver or the company itself. When it comes to placing a personal injury claim after a crash, Uber drivers are treated no differently than any other irresponsible motorist.

If you are an Uber passenger in a car accident, you have the power to sue if you can demonstrate that someone else was at fault for your injuries. You can sue Uber or an Uber driver if you are harmed in a collision involving one of their vehicles, whether you were a passenger in the Uber or were hit by an Uber driver in another vehicle.

In these circumstances, your best bet is to first consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who has handled ride-sharing accident lawsuits. If you have been harmed in an Uber accident, you can contact the best rated injury attorneys in California (or elsewhere) for a free consultation. Accident victims can seek financial compensation for lost income, pain and suffering, and punitive damages.

3 Problems That Can Happen During an Uber Ride

From mini annoyances to injuries and fatalities, you have to know when you are getting into when you ride with an Uber. Here are three of the more common problems that have resulted in lawsuits over the past few billion Uber rides.

  1. An accident can happen that is not the Uber driver’s fault. No matter how careful and cautious of a driver you get, it is possible that your car ride ends in an accident. Other drivers may not pay attention and run into your driver’s vehicle, they may be driving distracted or drunk, or you may get rear-ended.

    If you are in an accident while taking an Uber ride, most states require a minimum of $1,000,000 of automobile accident coverage. In a non-fault accident, this coverage will kick in to take care of you and any other passengers if the other driver’s insurance is not enough.

    Obtaining an attorney proficient in Uber law will ensure that you get the benefits you are entitled to. However, Uber drivers operate as Independent Contractors and are self-employed, so the laws apply differently in these cases. You will need an attorney that specializes in Uber law if you decide to pursue a lawsuit. You can find out more about Uber law here.

  1. You may be in an accident caused by your Uber driver. Stories crop up where the Uber driver is driving recklessly or even under the influence and causes an accident. In these situations, the $1,000,000 minimum of automobile insurance will kick in to cover you and any passengers, but you will still have to obtain a proficient lawyer similar to these Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys should you decide to file a lawsuit. Most lawsuits against Uber drivers occur because the driver was the at-fault party in the accident.
  1. Intentional misconduct on the part of the passenger or the driver. Sometimes the problem is not with the driver; it’s with the passenger. Disorderly, drunk, or obnoxious passengers may assault the driver or cause intentional damage to the vehicle.

    Driver misconduct can be just as bad or worse, however. Stories of sexual misconduct have made headlines, and data is being collected on reports of driver assaults and kidnappings. Some states now have made background screening mandatory for Uber drivers.

You Have Rights as an Uber Passenger

These problems are not minor, but they are rare. However, if you are a victim of any of these or other incidents that occurred while you were an Uber passenger, you may be entitled to compensation for your trouble.

Contact an experienced Uber law attorney today to see how they can help you protect your rights and get the benefits you deserve.