Learners allowed on motorways

As of June 4th 2018 learners are now allowed on motorways under the instruction of a fully-qualified driving instructor and in a dual-controlled car.

This new law will help learners increase their skills and confidence much quicker and responsibly. Before drivers were only allowed on the motorway once they’d passed their test, and nearly 10% of new drivers wait for at least 6 months before braving the motorways at all.

Most accidents that occur on our motorways have over represented new and young drivers. This change should help prepare and educate young and new drivers for motorway driving and, in turn, increase the safety of our motorways.

Why is this necessary?

In a survey carried out by the AA, these results were found:

  • 25% felt adequately prepared to drive on the motorway after passing their test
  • 27% felt scared when the ventured onto the motorway for the first time
  • 54% of drivers wished they had the chance to take a lesson on the motorway before their test.
  • 33% said a lesson on the motorway would have made them a better driver.

They found that the top reasons for nervousness on motorways were:

  • Other drivers behaviour
  • Weather conditions
  • Large trucks and lorries
  • Poor condition of the roads
  • Lack of hard shoulder
  • Break down possibility
  • Driving at night
  • Leaving and joining the motorway
  • Travelling at high speeds
  • Changing lane

This law change should help increase the safety on our roads and limit the amount of accidents that occur on our roads. It is thought that this could not only reduce traffic caused by accidents but will also lead to fewer casualties and fewer cars being written off and scrapped.