Is The Electric Car Right For You?

It’s obvious that electric vehicles are cleaner and a lot better for the environment than fuel-backed internal combustion vehicles. 

Numerous countries across the world are increasingly shifting towards electric car manufacturing and ownership. From sports cars to golf carts and more, electric vehicles are taking over gas cars. Additionally, many renowned car manufacturers claim they will only sell electric cars by 2030

So, if you’re seeking a new car that is both cost-efficient and has low CO2 emissions, choose an electric car as your new ride! But, is an electric car better than a gas car? 

Here are some important factors you need to consider before buying an electric car:

Are Electric Cars Energy-Efficient?

Many people prefer electric cars over fuel cars to protect their environment. Though fully electric vehicles have almost zero emissions, they’re still not 100% carbon-free. That’s because most electric cars have lithium-based batteries and take much more energy than fuel-powered vehicles in terms of manufacturing. 

Nevertheless, various studies have shown that electric cars generate lower greenhouse gas emissions than gas cars during their lifetimes.  

How Far Electric Cars Go Without Recharging?

Based on your riding habits and road conditions, electric cars can go from 139 to 451 km on average with a single charge. Thus, it’s an ideal car for people traveling less than 90 km every day. However, electric cars may not be perfect if you plan to go on longer trips, primarily because the charging stations can be challenging to locate. 

In addition to that, the charging station exists in three standard levels. So, based on the kind of station you search for, it may take from 11-minutes to 7-hours to charge your car fully. However, it may be beneficial for you if you’ve got a charging station at home so that you don’t have to worry about finding a charging station every now and then. That said, if you’re looking for an EV charger installation in White Plains, NY, check platforms like Red Star Electric Corp.

Are Electric Cars Cost-Effective To Own?

Although electric vehicles are costlier to purchase, they’re economical to run as compared to fuel-powered vehicles. For example, on average, charging an electric car can cost you anywhere around $290 to $410 annually based on where and when you charge. Additionally, a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle can cost you easily about $710 per year. 

On the other hand, a gas-powered vehicle can charge you from $1100 to $2600 per year to refill. 

Not only that, but electric vehicles are also affordable to maintain as they have, unlike fuel cars, fewer movable parts.

Electric, Hybrid, And Plug-In Hybrid Cars: What Is The Difference?

Unlike an electric car, which has a rechargeable battery and an electric motor, a hybrid car operates on electricity and gasoline. When the internal combustion engine runs, the car charges its electric battery. 

A plug-in hybrid vehicle charges similarly to an electric car; however, it also has a backup fuel motor.

How Much Do Electric Cars Cost?

An electric car is typically costlier to purchase than a fuel-powered vehicle. Although prices may vary from model to model, the average electric vehicle will cost you around $28000 to $38000. However, some states offer discounts and incentives that can shrink their heavy price and make them slightly affordable.