How To Determine What Top Is Best For Your Jeep For Winter

The days are shorter and there is a chill in the air, sure signs that winter is on the way. You’ve spent the year enjoying your Jeep. As the weather takes a turn, there’s no reason you have to stop. You can keep taking all the rides and adventures you want with the right top for your Jeep.

Hard Tops

Your first thought for the winter is probably a Jeep Wrangler hard top and this is a pretty good idea. Hard tops offer great protection during harsh weather. If you drive your Jeep in areas that get a lot of snow, rain, ice and wind in the winter, the hard top is perfect for standing up to the elements. It will keep moisture out of your interior so nothing gets damaged.

A hard top is also helpful for staying warm in your Jeep. It adds a lot of insulation and prevents warm air from escaping from the top of your ride. That’s definitely an added benefit if you plan to cruise around in the cold winter air.

During wet winters, you may want to watch for scratches or damage to metal hard tops. Exposed spots could start to rust, drastically shortening the lifespan of your Jeep top.

Soft Tops

You may look at Jeep soft tops and think they are automatically a bad choice for winter weather. This isn’t necessarily the case, especially depending on your weather conditions. In mild climates that rarely get below freezing or have a lot of snow, you may be fine leaving your soft top on your Jeep through the winter. Care for it as you would much of the rest of the year.

In harsher conditions, you will need to be more careful with your soft top. Freezing temperatures can cause the vinyl of your top to become stiff, making it easier to rip and break. When this happens, you need to take your time as you clear snow or ice from the material. Pushing too hard could cause damage that leaves your Jeep exposed to moisture.

To keep your soft top safe during the winter, it’s a good idea to invest in some quality Jeep Wrangler exterior accessories such as a cover. This will keep snow and ice from accumulating directly on your top so it’s easier to clear and less likely to cause damage.

If you’re concerned about being comfortable in your Jeep with a soft top during the winter, you don’t need to worry. While it’s true that a hard top will lock in more heat in the cabin, the heater of your Jeep will still do a great job keeping you warm with a soft top.

Ultimately, determining whether you need a hard top or soft top for your Jeep during the winter will depend on where you plan to use your Jeep. If you live in a frigid area or plan trips to icy terrain, a hard top may be worth the investment. For milder winter climates, a soft top will be fine with a bit of care. Outfit your Jeep with all the extras you need and hit the road.