How To Decide Between Nerf Bars or Side Steps for Your Truck

When you need a safe, comfortable step into your truck, you need truck nerf bars or side steps. Find out how to improve your lifted or stock truck with these helpful accessories. Compare the advantages of both upgrades before making a purchase from a reliable online store.

What Is the Difference Between Nerf Bars and Side Steps?

Both nerf bars and side steps offer a convenient step up into a vehicle. The main differences have to do with the size and primary purpose of the components. Explore these differences to see which type best fits your driving style.

Nerf bars were originally designed to protect the sides of race cars. Pickup trucks still use these durable aluminum or steel tubes to avoid dents and scrapes. If you’re headed down a two-track or cruising around dirt roads, nerf bars can help you keep your truck safe.

Side steps are specifically designed to provide a small, easy step into your truck. Some look very similar to nerf bars, while others are more like running boards. All types of side steps are primarily used to assist drivers and passengers step up into a tall vehicle, so they may not offer the same protection as nerf bars.

Be sure to compare brands and styles, since there can be a lot of differences between nerf bar or side step styles. Some nerf bars don’t even have non-slip steps, while some side steps are only designed to assist the driver and front passenger. Different brands offer different colors and styles to personalize your truck.

Advantages of Both Upgrades

Just like shopping for truck brakes, shopping for aftermarket steps requires careful considerations. Both types of accessories offer the same basic advantages:

  • Access to your truck
  • Protection from debris
  • Sleek style

Once you look closer at these two options, however, you’ll find some key distinctions. Nerf bars are primarily designed to protect your ride, so expect to see stronger, thicker bars. They may not be as tough as rock sliders, but they offer significant protection for the sides of your truck and your paint job.

Some nerf bars still have steps on the top. These dual-purpose bars are capable of both protection and easy access. Look for bars made of aluminum or steel for a reliable step and exterior protection.

Side steps can be manufactured with the same materials, and some even have similar looks, but most are specialized to help you get in and out of your vehicle. Choose side steps if you want non-slip steps without the extra cost or bulk of nerf bars.

Some side steps offer lower designs. These may reduce your clearance, but they increase the convenience of climbing into a lifted truck.

How To Purchase Nerf Bars or Side Steps Online

From highly rated nerf bars to budget-friendly side steps, shop for the accessories your truck deserves today. Head to a leading online store to shop for truck headlights, nerf bars and other accessories from name-brand manufacturers. Sort items based on popularity and make sure they match your rig before shipping them directly to your home.