How Often You Should Replace Your Car’s Remote Key Fob

The transition to remote key fobs from regular keys have made carrying keys quite convenient. You no longer have to fidget with your keys to get in and out of your car or to start it. However, if your key fob stops working there’s no need to panic! Remote key fobs are battery powered after all. As time progresses you’ll start to notice the effects of a dwindling battery. A car’s remote key fob battery life is only good for about three to four years. As your remote key fobs battery starts to die you’ll notice that it takes more than one click to lock and unlock doors, reduced signal strength and an inconsistency on when buttons work and don’t work.

Many cars with a remote key fob have an attached physical key maneuvered and hidden in the back or side of the remote, making it easy to get in and out of your car if the battery does die on you. But usually after your key fob battery dies, a moment of panic starts to set in since there’s no manual way to start your car with your key since your car is powered with a button that must detect and connect to your key fob battery. Don’t panic. Most car manufacturers have built cars with a back-up way to start your car even if your key fob even if it dies on you so you’re not stranded. Most cars have a start to push button that can be manually started by touching your key fob to the button while holding the brake pedal or have a small built in compartments that will recognize the key fob shape and allow your car to start with a dead battery.

If you’re unsure of how to start your car without a powered key fob, it’s best to check your cars manual or with your dealership to ensure that in case your key fob battery dies you know how to power your car. If you want to avoid and prevent stressful situations and the fear of being stranded, it’s best to make sure that you replace your key fobs battery at the first signs of a dwindling battery life. Replacing your battery early will not only prevent you from being unable to get in and out or starting your car, it will also help prevent your key fob sensors from resetting. If your key fob is still giving you trouble, there are different items you can check off to find the root of the problem. You can fix your key fob by wiping the circuit board. You can also allow your car’s key fob battery to die completely might force a hard reset that will prevent the car fob sensors from connecting to your car once you replace the battery. You’ll have to make a trip to the dealership to reprogram the sensors. Save yourself the time and stress by replacing key fob batteries early. If you’re uncomfortable replacing the battery you can visit your car dealership or a local experienced mechanic and they can easily replace the battery and restore your key fobs functionality.