How Often Should You Detail Your Car?

Many people are not sure exactly what a Car Detailing Service involves and equate it with car washing. In reality, car detailing is an entire range of treatments that are not limited to washing only. Car detailing could well involve an entire gamut of services that include, for example, car cleaning – both internal and external, de-scaling, polishing and applying wax, among other things.

Since car detailing is a much more elaborate process than car washing, it is extremely important to find a professional detailer who has the necessary skills and experience for the job. Moreover, for mobile detailing, Los Angeles, a professional will come to your location to perform the necessary treatments. Not only does it save time, the reasonable rates could often save you money too. But before you zero in on a service for mobile detailing, Los Angeles, you should do a thorough search.

Here are a few of the things you need to keep in mind:

  • Search for a detailer with a great reputation. As mentioned earlier, you are not looking for someone to merely wash your car. You need someone with knowledge of an entire gamut of services.
  • Quiz your potential car detailing service provider about the materials he will be using. For example, he should ideally be doing the cleaning with a microfiber cloth or mitt instead of a sponge. The cleaning liquid should also be mild enough for use on a car. A professional detailer would know this and would never use something like a dishwashing liquid.
  • Professional mobile detailing, Los Angeles, also involves treatments being done in a certain order. For example, polish will be done after all scratches are removed.

So how often should you detail your car?

People often wonder what is the correct frequency to detail a car. The simplest answer is – as often as you can afford it since it definitely helps keep the car in optimum condition. This could mean every three to four months.

But how often you detail your car also depends on your car and your lifestyle in terms of car usage. If your car is well maintained and you do not use it extensively, you could probably get away with having a professional detailing job done every six months. But reducing the frequency to less than twice a year could be counter-productive since you might end up paying far more to fix maintenance issues, in the long run.