How Do I Stop My Bike Seat From Hurting?

Bicycle seats were not created by some person who respects comfortability. Assuming to ride a bike for hours with a small seat is simply injustice. It is totally not ideal and is quite uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can do some things to make it more comforting and less hurtful. It does not matter whether it’s a kids bike seat or an adult. This is an issue faced by quite a majority of riders. But there is nothing to worry about as this article will go through ways by which you can prevent your bike seat from hurting you. It does not matter whether you are an experienced biker or just starting. This article is for everyone and has got you covered. This article will guide you through how do you stop your bike from hurting.

Grab Fitted For Your Bike

The seat level matters the most when you ride a bike, and the seat level should not be too high or too low. Often, the legs don’t support your weight on the pedals, which leads to extra pressure being applied. This leads to your seat to hurt and cause discomforts. Besides this, you should not be positioned too forward either too backward. It may cause your body to be in an awkward position. It doesn’t matter whether which bike you ride or whether you are a kid sitting on a kid’s bike seat or an adult who uses a standard bike seat. You will undoubtedly face this problem at some point while riding. This can be solved by getting a properly fitted bike found at any reputable bike shop would eliminate these issues.


Many people do not realize that most of the time, the saddle is responsible for causing discomfort. Saddles come in different sizes and shapes, just like us. One should try other saddles and should opt for the one which is best suitable for them. Some people think that wide saddles are always comfortable, which is genuinely not stillvalid. It depends on your body, and the perfect saddle is achieved by the trial and error method.

Wear Padded Shorts

If one rides for less than fifteen minutes, then there won’t be an issue, but padded shorts are essential if a person depends for a length of time. There are a variety of options available in the market, amongst which many are pocket friendly too. They are known to be your number one protector from the discomfort caused by a seat. The cycling shorts come in different materials as well as thickness, which mostly use foam pads.

Progress Slowly And Gradually

It has been seen that many people who start biking aren’t aware of the time spent and begin to spend hours biking. This should not be the case as the amount of time plays a vital role in causing you discomfort. A person should transition slowly and gradually and build his stamina and tolerance accordingly. One should not go on a long ride as it could cause the bike seat to hurt. One should always go for short duration rides and then should increase the distance according to the progress.