Gear Up – My Top Picks

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? There is nothing better than the warm breeze on your face and the stunning view from your bike. However, in order to enjoy that special motorcycling experience, you have to own a bike for a start. Considering that you’ve already bought a bike, have you given any thought to investing a bit into proper gear? You do know that gear is as important as your bike, right? Let’s see what you could get to further improve your riding experience.

As any experienced rider knows, proper motorcycle gear is essential for comfort and safety on the road. It’s not just helmets you’ll need to gear up properly for your sports bike. Protective jackets, pants, gloves and boots are also essential to help minimize injury in the event of a crash. When choosing sports bike protective gear, look for equipment designed specifically for the aggressive, aerodynamic riding position.

Speaking of gear that can enhance the sports riding experience, many bikers are utilizing smartwatches with built-in sensors to track ride stats. For mountain bikers especially, a high-tech watch from reputable brands like Garmin can prove extremely helpful for monitoring speed, distance, heart rate and more on the trails. When researching The Best Garmin Watch for Mountain Biking, look for durable multisport watches with cycling dynamics, GPS tracking and mapping features specifically tailored for off-road adventures. And not just Garmin, there are various other brands in the market offering advanced smartwatches for outdoor enthusiasts. These watches often come with specialized modes for various sports, including cycling, and boast durability to withstand challenging terrains.

At the end of the day, choosing quality safety gear and technology that matches how seriously you hit the trails is recommended.


Safety first! Yes, you won’t be able to ride with the wind in your hair if you have a helmet on but at least your head will be protected. God forbid you end up in an accident where you land face-first on the ground. Don’t even try to imagine what that pavement would do to your face. For all of you who claim that a helmet on your head looks boring and lame, there are tons of customized helmets that look awesome and dangerous. So be sure to invest in a decent helmet.


Many claim that the gloves come in just behind the helmet, safety-wise. And it is easy to see why. If you are in a motorcycle accident flying through the air, let’s not kid ourselves, you’ll most likely extend your arms and hands to protect yourself. And if you don’t have anything protecting your hands, you are in for a fracture galore. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for leather gloves or spandex ones. It is important that you wear them.

When it comes to gloves, my vote goes to the Fox Head Men’s Bomber Gloves.


A motorcycle jacket is probably the most popular piece of gear. Firstly, it keeps you warm in the cool weather and you look awesome and secondly, yeah, you look awesome. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of off-road biking or you just stick with the good old road, having a jacket is a must. Be careful when buying a jacket since you’ll want to know what material it was made of. Yeah, it might make you sweat a little if it’s too hot outside but it will protect your body should you crash. There are so many amazing leather jackets out there but be careful when buying. You have to know that a good product usually comes at a greater price.

When I want to stray off the road, I usually put on the Troy Lee Designs Radius Grey/Orange Off-Road Jacket.


Motorcycle pants are there because someone knew how important extremities are. We are saying this just because there’s always that one guy who thinks how it would be fine to ride around in shorts. And that is extremely dangerous. Many bikers argue how motorcycle pants tend to be uncomfortable. However, nowadays there are manufacturers who make motorcycle pants from various lean materials and they are also quite stylish. The reliable Troy Lee Designs from Australia is a brand that really exceeds when it comes to style so I had to include some of their work on my list.


Boots are something that made its way into the mainstream culture all the way from motorcycle gear. Motorcycle boots look great but they are mainly there to provide you with traction and also protect the small bones in your feet in the case of a crash. Do not wear training shoes while riding! You don’t want your shoes to fly off your feet leaving the toes exposed. When buying motorcycle shoes, make sure that they are sturdy and that they have over-the-ankle protection. To be honest, if you are on a budget, work boots will do the trick but let’s see if we can find something more premium than the usual work boots.

There you go, now you know what my top picks are and I hope that you’ll opt for at least one item from my list. When you’re on the road, you need to think about safety before everything else. However, being safe and looking awesome surely makes a terrific combination.