In Gear: The stuff of motoring dreams

The Motorcycling Abroad guide is essential reading for anyone considering an international biking tour.

Small enough to pack into panniers, it has chapters relating to the rules and regulations of 34 countries, from Europe to the Far East, as well as tips from experienced travellers. There’s also advice on choosing the right bike for the job, how to load luggage, helmet laws and hiring a bike abroad. It costs £12.99 from Haynes on 01963 442 030 (


During the Euro 2004 football championship several readers asked whether a law had been passed requiring drivers to attach a white flag with a red cross to their cars. The World Cup this summer promises more of the same. This patriots’ kit includes two flags, a tax-disc holder, two metallic badges, two numberplate emblems, an air freshener, a hanging football strip, a windscreen banner, ribbons, bumper stickers and a car aerial football — all branded with St George’s Cross.

It costs £19.99 including carriage from Speeding on 0845 230 7071 (


With the threat of a hosepipe ban looming over parts of the country drivers are being encouraged to use dirty bath water to wash their cars. But there is an alternative. The Waterless Detailers valet service will wash you car without using any water and is gentle to car wax. The solution used is made from synthetic lubricants and artificial wetting agents that help protect as well as clean the paintwork. The service takes about four hours to complete and costs between £60 and £100 depending on the size of the vehicle, plus Vat. Call 0845 120 3805 or visit