Best driving tips and hacks you may not know

Everyone loves a hint or tip that makes life easier, so Refused Car Finance has put together a list of the best driving hacks that can make you a better driver!

The correct way to grip your steering wheel

Move over 10 and 2, you’re being replaced by 9 and 3! When learning how to drive, you are often told to hold your steering wheel at the numbers 10 and 2 on a clock. However, this can be dangerous in vehicles with steering wheels equipped with airbags. It has now been recommended that you adopt the new position of 9 and 3, with your thumbs placed along the rim rather than looping around it.

Listening to loud music makes you a worse driver

Music is one of the most emotive things and can instantly trigger a certain thought or feeling. When driving, you need your full attention on the road and can’t be distracted. Studies have shown that listening to music that is too upbeat can divert your attention. Also, volume can affect your mood and focus too. When driving you should avoid songs that trigger distracting or emotional thoughts or feelings

Make sure your registration number is always clean

Your number plate is important as it lets you and also the police know where a vehicle is registered to. If your plate is dirty or hard to read, you could end up with a fine of up to 1,000!

Park your car facing east when it snows

If you know snow is forecast for the next day, one handy tip is to park your car facing east the night before. When the sun rises in the east you can use it as your own natural way to defrost your windscreen! That way, you won’t be stuck scraping ice in the freezing cold.

Flashing your headlights

Your headlights should only be used to let other drivers know that you are there. People often use their lights to communicate and send messages to other drivers, such as letting them out in front of them but this could actually land you with a fine of up to 1,000!

Keep your car keys tagged

One of the most common problems car owners face is losing their car keys. Now, although it’s very easy to call a locksmith Dandenong (or near you) to get the problem sorted and get a new set of keys, it’s best to get the new set tagged with some sort of locating device so you don’t lose them multiple times!

Put your heated seats to good use

If you’re lucky enough to have heated seats in your car, you know how handy they are. They keep you nice and warm in the winter but have you ever thought about using them to transport your takeaway? Keep it nice and warm in the seat until you get home!

De-ice your lock with hand sanitiser

Who knew hand sanitiser could be so ‘handy’? It contains rubbing alcohol which is a great way to melt ice. All you need to do is apply a few drops to your key, gently push it into the lock and then start to turn it so the hand sanitiser spreads inside the lock. This should then melt the ice!

Get rid of excess weight to save fuel

It’s great to be prepared with safety kits and emergency kit for if you have a car accident or breakdown. However, make sure you’re not carrying too much! The more excess weight you carry, the more fuel you burn. Clear out the car so you only have the bare essentials to keep you safe and save you money!

Clean your headlights with toothpaste

Over time, your headlights can become dirty and cloudy, this can actually be really dangerous when driving at night or in the winter! You might think you need new bulbs but it might just be that they need a good clean. Simply cover the headlight in some household toothpaste and scrub it back off with a cloth and rise it clean after – easy!