Dig Into This Year’s Coolest Concept Cars

Concept cars give consumers the opportunity to take a look into the possible future of today’s automobiles.  New tech innovations that will blow your mind are becoming a very real possibility for our future transportation options.  

Step into the future, and check out some cool ideas from the minds of auto design geniuses.  Here is a brief overview of a few of the coolest concept cars being tossed around for future production. 

Lightyear One Solar Powered Vehicle

In the past, solar-powered vehicles have been thought of as an unattainable pipe dream.  Engineers have all but mastered domestic solar power performance, but fine tuning solar automobiles has been a struggle.  Several solar prototypes have come and gone due to underwhelming performance, but Lightyear One has claimed to rectify those shortcomings in their new design.  

Scheduled to be released on the market next year, Lightyear One’s first fully solar-powered vehicle promises to deliver sufficient performance and range for drivers.  Only time will tell how this new technology will fare on the roads, but the implications are exciting.

Mercedes Benz F 015

The Mercedes Benz F 015 looks like something straight out of the Blade Runner movie.  With suicide doors and a crazy cool interior, the F 015 has autonomous driving capabilities and a plethora of fancy tech accessories.  

Touchscreen surfaces with constant wi-fi connection, smart-glass windows that will call up interesting information about local landmarks and hotspots as you drive through an area are just the beginning of what this futuristic creation displays.  

Honda FCV

Honda has moved forward designing a hydrogen-powered vehicle.  A special fuel cell that combines hydrogen and oxygen produces the energy needed to run the concept Honda FCV.  

Refueling this special vehicle is not too different from the fuel pumps we are accustomed to using today.  Recharging your hydrogen tanks will take around three minutes, and the range of the Honda FCV is stellar in comparison.  

Nissan XMotion

The first thing you’ll notice about the Nissan XMotion SUV is the exterior design.  This is a tough looking vehicle with the ability to do it all.  The XMotion’s design was meant to bring out the Japanese style influences Nissan is known for producing.  

Fingerprint authentication, seating for six, and a “Floating Koi” as a digital personal assistant.  The XMotion also sports suicide doors and a strikingly bold red interior.

Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport

The newest Volkswagen Golf design is at the top of its game in energy efficiency.  The hybrid model sports a 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine that will push 395bhp and 495 lbs of torque.  The Golf gets 141 mpg of fuel efficiency, and gets around 31 miles on pure electricity.