Dealing With Whiplash: What You Need To Know

Whiplash might seem like an extreme injury, but it’s more common than you may think. When ligaments or other soft tissue in the neck are quickly hyperextended, it can tear the bands that connect muscles and bones – this is known as whiplash. It usually occurs as a result of a rear impact while in a stationary position, such as in a car accident or on an amusement park ride.

Your neck is one of the most vital parts of the body. Connecting your spine and head, it serves as a nerve center for signals to travel from your brain to every muscle, limb and organ. The bones at the base of the skull, known as the cervical spine, sit on the vertebrae. The vertebrae are connected by ligaments and supported by muscles. The spinal cord then runs through the hollow column of the spine.

A whiplash injury can damage the bone structure and soft tissue in the cervical spine. While it’s not typically a life-threatening injury, it could lead to more severe conditions if left untreated. You might experience partial disability, making physical therapy and other pain management necessary to recover. “Whiplash associated disorders,” which refer to the more chronic cases that stem from the injury, include depression, long-term headaches, anxiety, drug dependency, post-traumatic stress syndrome and insomnia. Most of these can be managed or remedied by using medications, however, most people are no longer opting for medication that will cause them to become drug-dependent by the time they’ve recovered. For this reason, many more people are looking to use and benefit from the various cannabis-derived product you’re able to find here or likewise online cannabis retailers. However, it’s always important to ensure the products you’re wishing to buy are legal within your place of residence.

Though whiplash can occur very suddenly and unexpectedly, there are ways to avoid a dangerous situation. Adjust your car seat and make sure the head rest is level, positioned between your ears and the top of your head at least three inches away. In order to prevent any surprise brake checks, don’t drive too close to the car ahead of you. Additionally, exercising your neck might help in the event of an accident, as you’ll have stronger muscles to support unexpected lurching.

Recovering from whiplash can be painful, but by educating yourself on what to do if it occurs, you are more likely to avoid injury. Check out the accompanying infographic on how to identify, treat and prevent whiplash.

Infographic created by Capital Auto Auction, a Philadelphia auto auction company

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