Danger Can Be Lurking Around Every Corner: 7 Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents You Should Be Aware Of

Bicycle accidents have been on the rise over the past years. Several bicyclists have sustained serious, and sometimes, fatal injuries especially when they’re in involved in accidents with vehicles. Bicycling can leave you vulnerable on the road. Which is why being informed of the common causes of bicycle accidents will help you stay safer on the road. Here are 7 common causes you should be aware of.

  1. Reckless Bicyclists

Some cyclists often fail to make themselves visible or make sudden movements into the vehicles’ path while on the road. You won’t want to be a victim of an accident you could’ve avoided by being careful on the road. You could easily be distracted by a text or email on your phone while riding making you take your eyes off the road. And then, Bang! Accident. Always ensure to avoid any form of distraction or thought of doing something that could put your life in danger.

  1.  Speeding

This has been proven to be a factor in most bicycle accidents. A cyclist or driver in a hurry have much less time to react and in an event of an accident, the result can be catastrophic. Should you or a family member be injured by a speeding car when riding or a bicyclist, consult a personal injury attorney experienced with similar cases. There are many platforms to find experienced injury lawyers who can advise you on your legal rights and possible options. For instance, you may visit https://www.gbw.law/personal-injury/bicycle-accident/ for more information.

  1.  Bad Weather

Cycling in a rainstorm or area covered by mist could make you much less visible. And this can be worse if you’re not having a headlight or wearing reflective clothing to make your presence known. You might get involved in an accident while cycling or driving in such adverse weather conditions. To be safe, avoid riding in such conditions as much as possible.

  1.  Drug and Alcohol Influence

Probably, you know the common rule, “Don’t drink and drive.” Drunk drivers can easily lose control when driving and end up running into bicyclists who are at a greater risk owing to their limited protection. Some bicyclists also get on the road with the influence of either drugs or alcohol and this increases the risk of causing accidents and sustaining fatal injuries.

  1.  Not Following the Traffic Control Devices

Some motorists may choose to disobey the stop light for reasons best known to them. And the chances of causing an accident to cyclists around them are high. Disobedience to stop signs and traffic lights is a serious offense punishable by law. The responsible persons must be held accountable. Distractions can also prevent you from seeing the signs and traffic lights.

  1.  Intersections or Lane Merging

Road signs and traffic lights must be obeyed by both the drivers and bicyclists. Intersections can be hazardous to both bicyclists and vehicles. As a bicyclist, you may be overwhelmed by the fact that you can weave in and out of the traffic. But this won’t make you safe, especially when you reach an intersection. So, ensure to follow the rules of the road and stop before crossing the street to check both ways if it’s clear.

  1.  Dooring

Do you always check your rearview mirrors before opening your car’s door? Well, chances are, a bicyclist could be approaching your stopped vehicle when you or a passenger is opening the door and dooring will be hard to avoid. If you or a family member is injured in a dooring accident, seek legal practice through an experienced auto law attorney to represent you in your case.


Bicycle accidents can be very catastrophic and you or a family member could sustain serious injuries that could change their lifestyle. But these accidents can be realty reduced if bicyclists and drivers obey the rules while on the road. Knowing the major causes of such accidents will help you avoid them. There are several blogs relating to auto law where you can find other causes of bicycle accidents not mentioned here. Stay informed and you’ll stay safe on the road.