Customizing Your Car for an Adventure Lifestyle

5 Must-Have Car Accessories For An Adventure

During rush hour on a typical work day, the roads of the world are lined with thousands of standard looking cars. But very few of these automobiles have the features like a sky camp setup (those interested can go through this iKamper Skycamp Mini review to learn more about the product) or a bike rack required for an extended adventure. Hence, these vehicles might not appear to be fit for off-road travel. But that does not mean that you cannot customize them. Know that if you own such a regular car, you can own a few of these car accessories, which can help you equip your vehicle well for the adventures ahead.

1. All-Terrain Tires

The first step in turning your car into an adventure machine is equipping it with the proper tires. Off-road driving will likely be a common practice on your journey. Stock tires are not capable of maintaining traction in difficult terrains like mud, sand and tall grass. Fitting your vehicle with a set of all-terrain tires will make it possible to park by your off-road campsite.

2. Air Compressor

Once you’ve signed up for an adventure lifestyle, portable compressors are among the most important car accessories. These compressors are designed to plug into your vehicle’s lighter outlet and will come in handy in a vast number of situations. A compressor gives you the ability to quickly prepare blow-up camping equipment. Also, as durable as all-terrain tires may be, they are still prone to going flat. Combined with a patch kit, an air compressor will keep your tires full and spinning.

3. Mobile Refrigerator

Equipping your vehicle with a refrigerator bolsters your adventure with access to perishable goods. Though there are “mobile refrigerators” in the literal sense, survival coolers are better suited for your adventure vehicle. Mobile refrigerators are often small and require batteries. On the other hand, survival coolers are designed to hold ice for days without requiring electricity. These can be pricey, but will open up access to a truly adventurous diet.

4. Plastic Bins

After days and weeks on the road, it will start to look like a tornado swirled through the inside of your car. When you’re miles away from the nearest town, keeping essential items organized is key. Some of the best auto accessories for an organized adventure are plastic bins. Properly labeling these bins makes it easy to find and store your day-to-day items. They are also perfect for packing away clothes and valuables. Without bins, you run the risk of losing your valuables under the pile of random items that accumulate on an adventure.

5. Bike Rack

No vehicular adventure would be complete without a little off-road biking. One of the great advantages that car adventures have over backpacking trips is the option of carrying along bicycles. Doing so, however, requires equipping your car with a bike rack. These can also come in handy if your adventure calls for the transportation of other large items that won’t fit in the car. Though its best not to get crazy, a bike rack can simply add more options for storage.

Even with the vehicle you’ve been driving to work for the past few years, these car accessories can turn your automobile into an adventure machine. It’s time to get your equipment and head out into the wild.