I love talking about cars, nearly as much as driving or fixing them and that’s why I would like you to get in touch with me. You can easily do so by filling in the contact form below.

Throughout my love affair with cars, I have learned a lot from other drivers, mechanics, car manufacturers, car salesmen, motor industry experts, car racing journalists, team coaches, pit crew members and countless other car enthusiasts. There is a far-reaching network of car lovers, local, nationwide and extending all over the world. Between innovations in car manufacturing, news from the car and motorbike racing circles and discussions on the mechanics of cars and motorbikes, there is an unlimited amount of information to exchange and publicize. Car racing events, motor shows and industry gatherings deserve promotion and business providing products and services for the motor industry also merit highlighting.

My aim is to strengthen and further broaden this network and these are the areas of particular interest to me:

  • Innovation in Car Technology: If you are developing new car or motorbike technology or know about groundbreaking innovations, please get in touch and give me as much information as you can. Car enthusiasts are always eager for such developments and I will make sure to publish your news on my website.
  • Racing News & Events: I would like anyone with racing news or promoting events to get in touch, again, I will spread your news and promote your event.
  • Relevant Services and Products: If you or your company provide products or services for drivers, I would like to find out about it. Though I am well connected and familiar with many such companies, I always like to support emerging new enterprises in the motor industry.
  • Car Maintenance and Repairs: If you need some advice on how to fix your car or indeed if you are a mechanic willing to share her/his expertise in this area, make sure to contact me. I enjoy helping people fix their own motor vehicles and I equally value finding out about new ways of maintaining and fixing cars.
  • Networking: Those seeking to connect with experts in the racing world and car industry and unsure of how to make contact, should also get in touch. I will help you connect with the right person and ensure that you will also become part of our network.
  • Collaboration: If you are working on a new project and feel that I could be of assistance, do get in touch. I am always glad to support and collaborate and have made many friends this way.
  • Wannabe Mechanics and Wannabe Racing Drivers: If you are young and enthusiastic and dreaming of either becoming a mechanic or even a racing driver, let me fill you in on how best to pursue your dream.
  • Media Inquiries: Members of the media looking for a motor industry or a motor racing story can also get in touch. My knowledge of and insight into all things car related might just make for a great story.
  • Stuff I May Not Know About: Even if your inquiry does not relate to any of the above, but you still feel I should hear what you have to say, contact and enlighten me!

How to Get in Touch

Below, you will find a convenient contact form for your inquiry. I check my inbox on a daily basis and will respond within one to two days and I love seeing an inbox that is full to the brim!

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