How often should you clean your car in winter?

Washing your car is often a job for a sunny weekend afternoon, when you are getting jobs done around the house and notice that your car isn’t gleaming as it should.

In winter, the cold and damp weather can often put us off getting out there with a bucket and hose, and we are all guilty of letting the dirt build up until the car is starting to look as though it is two-toned but washing your car in the colder months should be as routine as topping up windscreen wash.

Whilst in winter bugs and tree sap are often the problem, in winter the roads are covered with salt, muddy water and various other deposits. This will quickly build up on your car, making it look dirty and eventually impairing your vision through windows or in mirrors.

Not only will cleaning your car in winter allow you to see clearly and keep your number plate visible, it will also help to prevent rust building up on your vehicle.

With elements such as rain and fog leaving your car moist and mixing with the salt and other deposits on the road, this can eventually lead to the onset of rust, which will start to corrode your car’s exposed metalwork if left unchecked. The underside of your car is particularly susceptible to this, as is the grille and other areas where salt and dirt can be building up without you noticing.

You should try to clean your car at least every 2 weeks throughout winter, however, if the weather is particularly bad and there is a large build-up of salt, dirt, or slush from ice and snow then you may want to wash your car as often as once a week. Of course, you can approach service providers like Neptune Mobile Car Wash & Detail and get it washed professionally.

Whilst a proper wash including a blast with a hose, warm water and a good quality car shampoo/wax is preferred, you can just give the car a blast with a hose or pressure washer if you are short of time. This won’t give as much of a thorough clean, but it will dislodge dirt and help to keep the undercarriage in a better condition.

Car cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore, if you have all of the right tools and do a bit of preparation, it can become an easy part of your weekly routine and will save you the cost of taking it to a car wash.