Car Versus Boat: Which Is The Better Investment

Assuming that you already have a working vehicle to get you around town, deciding whether to make your next big purchase another car or a boat depends heavily upon your personal circumstances.  

Research is the best way to get a more competent perspective on any of life’s big questions, and this debacle is no exception to the rule.  How much can you save by going to used boat sales VS buying new? Which is easier to store? Are you going to be moving house soon? If so, will you still be able to use a boat in your new location? Take the time now to read through a brief look at some of the variables to consider when you’re trying to decide whether to buy a car or a boat.  

Costs to consider for car maintenance

If you want a new vehicle, there’s much to consider in the way of finances.  The overall cost of purchasing a car doesn’t have to be a huge chunk of your savings, but the scale of your purchase makes a difference in which route you should choose.  

If you have a budget of only a few thousand dollars, it may be more fun to grab a good used boat.  However, there are thousands of older vehicles still going strong on the roads today.  

Maintaining a car takes gas, regular oil changes, tire rotation and replacement, and whatever else may pop up mechanically on the vehicle.  Create a detailed projection of what you may have to pay to keep your new car on the road before you ever sign the first official document.  

Costs to consider for boat maintenance

Your boating needs will depend on your skill level as an operator.  Take a thorough inventory of what you really know about boating. Delve into some boating basics, and make certain you’re up for the physical challenge of operating and maintaining a boat.  

Boats have to be stored in the winter.  You’ll have to know how to winterize your vessel.  You’ll have to be able to afford the fuel it takes to run the boat.  Boats also need to be cleaned on their underbelly periodically.  

The need for the vehicle matters

Before deciding upon your course of action in this terribly confusing time (sarcasm), consider your true needs.  Which vehicle will enrich your life the most? Do you have a family that could really use another car?  

Your individual situation matters when deciding upon any large purchase.  Choose which sort of vehicle will best serve your life, and invest in the thing that will produce the most happiness in the future.  

Both options offer their fair share of excitement 

Either way you choose to spend your money will produce some level of excellence.  Driving your new car down the longest highway is a much different feeling than the bounce of waves as you fly over the surface of the water.