Car or Truck: That Is the Question

When we first mention a personal vehicle, a lot of people automatically assume that we’re talking about cars. Sure, cars are much more common than trucks and there are plenty of reasons why they are a preferred choice. Nonetheless, they are clearly not superior in every aspect and there are some situations where trucks are a better choice. All in all, here is a brief comparison of the two vehicle types which will perhaps unveil to you the secret of whether you should go with car or truck during your next vehicle purchase.

Driving experience

The first thing that must be discussed here is a fact that it is much easier to drive a car than a truck. Because of their size, cars are much more simple to navigate through urban environments. Furthermore, it is quite obvious that it is easier to park a car than a truck. It is also important to mention that trucks had a slightly more difficult learning curve, which is why cars tend to be a more commonly recommended choice for beginners. So basically if you’re not aware of what something like a weight distribution hitch does then you clearly still have a lot to learn about trucks and their optimal, safe usage. Sure it is indeed a very vital piece of equipment which does exactly what it says on the tin, but only an experienced drive will upon driving under some challenging conditions, be able to tell that the vehicle could perhaps do with this piece of hardware.

The cost of upkeep

Another thing you need to take into consideration is the price of the vehicle. Of course, it is not so easy to give a straight answer to seeing how it depends on the age, the model of the vehicle and the retailer you got it from. However, there are some hidden expenses you’re supposed to know, like the fact that SUVs and trucks, in general, require a more expensive insurance. After this, comes one more (not so hidden) expense. We are of course talking about the gas mileage. This clearly goes in favor of cars.

The space

Next point on this list is a space that you get with a truck. With them, you get a much larger storage bed, which means that you can not only use them for personal transportation, but that they can also come handy during moves. This also means that when you purchase a new piece of furniture, you won’t have to worry about the delivery since you can just load it onto your truck and bring it home.

The strength of the machine

The greatest advantage of trucks is that they are much more powerful machines than cars. You see, they have a stronger engine, they have greater towing capabilities and are overall more durable. The latter also means that should there come to a collision of any sort, you would be adequately protected. Greater stability of these vehicles also reduces the chance of losing control of the vehicle or tumbling. To make the long story short, driving a truck will make your participation in traffic a bit safer.

Lack of personal experience

Finally, there is a great discrepancy when it comes to the issue of personal experience. Namely, while every driver has an experience with a car, not everyone can brag about being behind the wheel of a truck. In order to debunk or confirm some suspicions you may have about trucks, it might be worth your while to ask a friend who owns a pickup to let you try a few laps. Even better, you can go to a truck rental, pick a vehicle that you like and then try it out for a while.


As you can see, there is no clear winner. In case where you want something that can tow your boat, serve you well during the move or give you a greater on-road safety, you should go with the truck. On the other hand, if you want something that costs less, spends less and is easier to drive and park a car is the right choice for you. The best piece of advice we can give on this topic is that you should definitely try both before you pass a final verdict.