Why the Car Rental-Customer Relationship is a Win-Win

There’s a relatively young adult man around the neighbourhood whose operation around his relationships with cars was rather intriguingly mystifying until he decided to share with us just exactly what the deal is. It’s still intriguing to say the very least, but the only difference is that now we all know what the deal is.

So this guy could never really be associated with just one car – he was pretty much always seen driving a different car, seemingly one for every different occasion. Sometimes he wasn’t driving at all, electing to make use of public transport, while other times he would get driven around by some rather regal-looking figure who didn’t quite wear the demeanour of a typical limousine driver!

Anyway, any suspicions that he was some kind of criminal, drug lord, or con man never really took off in any way, simply because of just how much of a nice guy he is. Sure, he’s always kitted out in some of the best-looking suits as well, but by his own admission, they only look good because of how well they fit. They’re tailor-made for him and aren’t necessarily expensive in any way.

So the reason why this bloke enjoys the privilege of driving so many different cars for all manner of different occasions is that he operates by the rule that everything in this world is temporary and subsequently nothing is permanent, so he doesn’t invest in liabilities which are sold as assets, as he says, like cars.

He rents his cars! The car rental company he rents the vehicles from even has a special relationship with him because of just how much of a regular customer he has turned out to be, an unusually regular customer to say the very least. Normally someone who would constitute a regular customer is perhaps someone who travels quite a lot and makes use of the same car rental company wherever they would find themselves.

These types of customers generally aren’t allowed a very generous allowance, as cases of people absconding with rented cars are quite common. Now, rental companies can usually track down these people, even if they disable the car’s internal tracking system, by going the old-fashioned way and hiring a PI agency. Bond Rees provides only the best tracing agents, as well as other agencies out there too, so car rental companies always have some kind of plan in place in case customers are out of turn, which makes it even more surprising that this bloke pretty much has the keys to a rental car as more of a permanent arrangement.

He’s very smart about it too because you won’t find him driving a big, expensive, gas-guzzler like a big Merc to go to work for example, but would rather be seen running around in a rental car that’s a lot more sensible. When he has to crank up the style then that’s exactly what he does, turning out to an event such as a wedding in that big, classy Merc as required.

This only serves to highlight the win-win relationship which exists due to critical skills in customer service exercised between car rental companies and their customers though. By providing top-notch customer service, especially to regular customers, these rental companies are increasing the level of satisfaction experienced by the customer as well. I mean if you were to think about how it works out financially, essentially “living off rental cars” then you’d begin to question whether car rental companies make a profit. They most definitely do, otherwise, they wouldn’t be in the business.

For the customer though this works out great because even in the extreme case of our favourite neighbourhood car-connoisseur as the customer you have none of the regular expenses of maintaining a car to have to worry about if you drive a rental, while the rental company clearly makes a profit as well.