Bought a Fixer Upper? Essential Tools You’ll Need

There are always jobs to do around the house, but how many do you do yourself? It’s always tempting to get someone else in, but you could save money by becoming a DIY enthusiast! OK, so you don’t think you have the skills? You’ll be surprised how many jobs can be done yourself, especially if you have the right tools. So, what tools do you need in your fixer upper kit if you are going to tackle the jobs you need done? Well, before we go on, be aware that there are YouTube videos on how to do just about anything, so you can learn as you go! Here’s our list of the essential tools for your kit.

Screwdrivers – now, we know you’re not stupid, but you’d be surprised how many households don’t have a good set of screwdrivers. In fact, we’d go as far as to advise you invest in an electric one, as they make the job much easier, and come with a full set of fitments and bits so you can tackle all jobs.

Electric Drill – this is an essential item that you really cannot do without. They are used for all manner of household jobs – think installing wall-mounted cupboards and the likes – and some of them even double as an electric screwdriver, so you get two for the price of one. Look for a known brand, as there are some very good deals around on quality models.

Multi-Tool – modern technology has given us many fine inventions, and electric tools are among the most useful of all. You can find many different electric tools, and we highly recommend you find a reliable multi tool with all the fitments. If you are unfamiliar with what these excellent devices can do, check out the great review we found at This website offers reviews of tools, household items, gadgets and more, and is well worth a look for information on multi-tools.

Tape Measure – always include the obvious, as it’s the most likely item you’ll forget! A tape measure is absolutely vital, as you need to make sure you have your space marked out correctly, no matter how major or minor the job you are taking on. It’s also a handy item to carry with you, as you never know when you might need one!

A Good Tool Box – this is a bit of a cheat, but make no mistake, you need a good-sized, sturdy and durable, lockable tool box in which to carry your tools around the house, and we recommend that you have a good look at the many different models on offer before you choose.

Once you start getting into DIY it is difficult to stop it from becoming a bug! Your tool collection will grow over time, and you will find yourself fixing things without even thinking about it! Check out the many other tools available as you may have something in mind, and when you get going, you can save money by doing jobs around the house yourself!