A Biker’s Gear Is a Biker’s World

Biking is an equivalent to freedom. Two wheels, a powerful engine and the wind touching your face is as close to heaven as you will get on earth. Your trusted companion during a bike ride is your gear. Make sure that you are buying high quality gear that can protect you from weather fluctuations and provide you added security from accidents and injuries as well.

What all biking gear do you need?

Shop online to get everything for your street bike. Here are the things that you will need:

  • A fitted but comfortable pair of denims. They should be made of high quality fabric and must stretch to accommodate riding for long hours.
  • A great jacket that can provide adequate protection from cold winds. The jacket should tuck in your torso neatly. It should be especially comfortable around the abdomen and the shoulders. The length of the sleeves and the shoulder width should be make it easy for you to ride without discomfort.
  • A pair of well-fitted gloves for protection as well as added grip. You need gloves that protect your hands against air friction and let you hold on to your bike tightly to maneuver it with ease. Too tight or too loose gloves just don’t make the cut for bikes.
  • Sunglasses for style and eye protection. It is impossible to ride for long distances without getting dust particles in your eyes. Sunshine and glares from other vehicles can distract you as well. Sunglasses can help you get rid of this problem. Plus, they add some style to your look as well.
  • Helmets are the most important protection gear for bikers. Unlike cars, your body is more exposed to falls and injuries in case of an accident. Your head remains the most susceptible to injuries, even with the smallest accidents. So, make sure that you invest in helmets that protect your head from injuries. The helmet should fit snugly on your head. They should come with advanced polycarbonate exterior shells and comfortable interiors with ample space for ventilation.
  • Boots should be comfortable, big and must come with extra grip on the soles to help you ride for long. Note that boots are often the most uncomfortable part of your biking gear. Check out these riding gears sponsored by BikeBandit.com to understand all that you will need for an awesome riding experience.

So, what should you buy first?

Jackets should be your first purchase when getting ready for an amazing street biking experience. Jackets provide comfort, protection and add the necessary aesthetics of biking to your look. After all, a biker is known by the jacket he wears. Ideally, biking jackets cost $400 to $700 or more. A classy leather jacket by Alpinestars could cost you $500.  You can find quality jackets for less than $300 as well.

Alpinestars jackets can be bought for less than $200 as well. They have a wide variety of jackets with great features, suited for different needs. Their designs, materials and features will turn you into a fan instantly. However, we advise you to read Alpinestars jacket reviews before deciding what to buy.