The Five Biggest Myths About Business Car Insurance

You might not be aware that there are different types of car insurance. If not, you may not then know about business car insurance. However, it could be incredibly important to understand if you are a commuter. Here are some facts that are not true about business car insurance – and some that are.

Business car insurance means you get a company car
Unfortunately, business car insurance does not mean you get an extra car! It is your own car that may need to be covered by this insurance. You might need business car insurance if you regularly drive your car for the purposes of your work. Business car insurance will give you extra protection if anything happens specifically in the line of duty. And just like how you would have to choose the right agents selling life insurance, it becomes important that you also choose the right insurance for your business vehicle.

It only covers you for business trips
Business car insurance would not just protect you while travelling for a one-night work conference. You would be covered for any work-related travel, whether the journey spans a week or five minutes. Driving to meet clients or transporting colleagues could mean that you are going against the terms of your policy; even visiting the post office on an errand for your manager could risk you invalidating your insurance if you don’t have business car insurance. Business car insurance may seem superfluous, but it could mean all the difference should anything happen.

You need business car insurance simply to commute to work

Your commute itself would be counted within the boundaries of your car insurance policy. Regular car insurance will cover you for social use and use in your normal daily life, including the trip to work. When do you need business car insurance? Put shortly, business car insurance is needed if you intend to drive for any work purposes other than the ordinary commute to and from home. According to Progressive Commercial, you may need business or commercial insurance “if you require specific commercial auto insurance coverages, high Liability insurance limits, operate an unusual vehicle, haul special equipment, transport goods or people, or have other special needs.”

Surely it’s the same as personal car insurance?
Business car insurance and standard car insurance go hand-in-hand but are assuredly two separate policies. Car insurance will cover you as you drive from home or school, on trips or into town, and to work itself. Any reason to use your car once you’re on the clock could be outside of your car insurance policy’s reach, and then business car insurance may be necessary in order to ensure you are not driving uninsured. Progressive Commercial comments that certain personal policies may grant enough auto insurance coverage to satisfy some businesses, but that is not a guarantee. It’s also imperative to consider any violations you have – such as an SR22. Having an sr22 could mean that many businesses will refuse to provide you with a car insurance policy. Check the sr22 price in advance of taking out a policy.

Insurance is confusing, and you’re entirely lost and alone
Handling insurance policies can get complicated, but it is all in the name of keeping people safe. If there is anything you’re uncertain about, your insurance provider is there to answer your questions and make you feel as safe as you should be.